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Custom wrapper EBCDIC sources
answered 01-12-2020 05:35:00 -0500

Hi, we have as a source an EBCDIC file and we have to configure a custom wrapper to read it. Do you know best practices or do you have any experience with this format file or similar one?

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EBCDIC custom wrapper

LDAP Datasource & Base View Creation
answered 30-11-2020 16:35:15 -0500

System Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS Release: 18.04 Codename: bionic Denodo Version: 8 (denodo-install-8.0-ga-linux64) Updates: None Issue Ldap datasource gets created fine & 'Test Connection' succeeds. But the creatio...

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LDAP openldap

Migrating vql scripts to other environments
answered 30-11-2020 04:15:47 -0500

I created two data sources one is for delimited file source and another is for filesystem custom wrapper. For each data source I created one base view. Then I create one derived view by joining those base views. In the derived view I have specified whe...

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Flatten array with column of index of value in array
answered 27-11-2020 13:33:46 -0500

Hi, I have a view in which there is an ID column, and a column with an array in that I want to flatten. This of course flattens the array so each value in the array becomes a new row, with the same ID column across multiple rows. What I want to be ab...

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Refresh token not fetched when connecting to Azure Blob Storage
answered 27-11-2020 11:18:23 -0500

Hi all, I followed the steps accoring to the Denodo Data sources guide (https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/How%20to%20connect%20to%20Azure%20Blob%20Storage%20from%20Denodo) and obtained the OAuth2.0 credentials. Everything worked fine but a...

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Azure azure blobl storage Web Service OAuth 2.0 Refresh Token

vql to invalidate cache (base views, derived views)
answered 26-11-2020 16:11:49 -0500

Hi team, I want to find out vql to invalidate cache, I run below for a base views, but it has error "selected view: 'base_view_name' is a base view": ALTER VIEW base_view_name CACHE INVALIDATE it cna only run for derived view: ALTER VIEW derived_view_...

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base view vql invalidate cache

Denodo V7 Increemental Load
answered 26-11-2020 12:36:16 -0500

I am getting the following error message while trying to run the Incremental load. This was working fine in the production environment, but now in the test environment I keep getting thsi error even with 1 days' data. Error executing query. Total time ...

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Create/Deploy/undeploy REST endpoints programaticly
answered 26-11-2020 11:24:47 -0500

Hi, is there a way to create/deploy/redeploy/undeploy... denodo REST endpoints programmatically using some command lines or an API instead of using the "denodo virtual dataport administration tool" or the "denodo design studio" witch are more UI tools...

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Updating license
answered 26-11-2020 04:35:20 -0500

Currently I'm using trial version, and now I need to extend the lincense for another year. I got the latest license file, but not able find how to update the file. Tried updating the latest file as denodo.lic and launch the tool, this is not helping. ...

Answers: 2

Join condition on delimited files
answered 26-11-2020 04:20:16 -0500

Hi Team, I want to join 2 views.First view is created from Json file and second view is created from delimited files(Text Files) I need to join both of them on basis of one coloumn. This column can be easily written by specifying view name and then ...

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