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Course not displayed
answered 29-07-2021 23:50:55 -0400

Hi, I just subscribed to a course: DEN80EDU12D Connecting and Combining Data with Denodo - On-demand but the course is not displayed on https://denodolearning.litmos.com/home/dashboard can you help me with this? thanks and regards

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Error while calling view from 3rd party application
answered 29-07-2021 19:54:09 -0400

Hello, I have created one view which is exposed to a 3rd party application using JDBC Driver. The 3rd party applcaiton is calling the view using credentials which are a part of AD. In last 24 hours sever times it has thrown an error com.denodo.vdb.v...

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Modifying the contents of scheduler export .
answered 29-07-2021 18:35:05 -0400

Hi , May I know weather I can modify the contents of export (Zipped) file after taking the export from scheduler ? E.g. I want to modify the file manually to change data source names as per new envioronment data source name and then import the file...

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Connecting Denodo views with parameters to Power BI.
answered 29-07-2021 17:03:26 -0400

I've been working with a few Denodo views and am looking to bring the final view into Power BI. However, I need to somehow define the required parameters as I'm connecting the view or else Power BI will return an error. I would like to connect these de...

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Power BI Parameter Power Query

Can we query Denodo Base view and create csv data extract for the query by using unix script?
answered 29-07-2021 16:59:20 -0400

Can we query/trigger Denodo Base view and create csv data extract for the query output by using unix script?

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Query baseview from script

Is it possible to see the deleted items?
answered 29-07-2021 14:52:41 -0400

Hi Team, There is one adverse thing happened to my denodo Setup that most of the items in development environment have been deleted. I want to know that is there any method to get the details of the deleted items? Using dev as standlone server and the...

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Admin tool DENODO LOGS

hide folders in design studio
answered 29-07-2021 14:47:37 -0400

Hi, I would like to check is it possible to hide folders like baseview and data sources in the design studio to a certain privilages users? Thanks!

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Connecting to PGAdmin
answered 28-07-2021 19:06:38 -0400

Will be able to connecct denodo with pgadmin as like connecting denodo with DB visualizer? if yes how can I do that?

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Rename columns of derived and interface views
answered 28-07-2021 17:33:56 -0400

Hi, Please advise on using alter statement to rename columns of derived views and interface views. We are using this command, alter view dv_view ( alter column old_coiumn rename new_column ) Error - Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'rename'...

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derived view column rename

Denodo test case
answered 28-07-2021 15:13:20 -0400

Hi, where can you write queries to test data in denodo? Thanks!

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