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Regular expression
answered 23-05-2022 19:59:24 -0400

Version 8.0 How to use not regexp_like in a where condition

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Can denodo Support to recursive queries ?
answered 23-05-2022 19:39:49 -0400

Hi Experts, We have below requiremnet : Transaction records are available in multiple source systems and recursive query is needed to create unified transaction record. Hence There are multiple scenarios besides this where recursive feature is needed...

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Finished with error: Error executing data movement from view V1 to source S1 Exception of plan ULV1: com.denodo.vdb.util.tablemanagement.TableManagerException: String or binary data would be truncated.
answered 23-05-2022 12:10:24 -0400

Getting this error when caching a derived view V1 which using a SQL source S1 and unler lying view ULV1 is the base view from S1. This underlying view executes successfully wihout any issue when ran manually without any truncation error. Not sure what ...

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function 'leftpad' cannot be delegated to this database
answered 23-05-2022 11:18:05 -0400

I have created a selection view in denodo where i have applied some transformations and while executing got the error stating function 'leftpad' cannot be delegated to this database. Redshift is the data source. lpad works in reshift but doesn't work ...

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How to Load Denodo 7 Scheduler Jobs into Denodo 8
answered 23-05-2022 08:30:27 -0400

My company is moving from Denodo 7 to Denodo 8 and I need to know if it is possible to export the Scheduler Jobs from Denodo 7 and import them into Denodo 8? If so, how is it done?

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How to get the current user id in Denodo that is logged in?
answered 23-05-2022 04:38:19 -0400

How to get the username from the current session in Denodo? This username is Denodo user and NOT any of the underlying data sources' login. The close query I found is running the below: select * from get_sessions() which gives all the sessions that ...

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Denodo Software
answered 20-05-2022 19:18:15 -0400

Hi Community, I would like to know where should I download DENODO VDP tool for self training, can you please the link for the same. Thank you in advance. Regards, Sreedher

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Passing Parent Job Id to Child Jobs
answered 20-05-2022 08:46:44 -0400

How can I achieve the below scenario. I would like to create a Job which should Generate parent job id and insert values on JDBC destination Need to pick up the newly generated job id and pass it to other child jobs

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Job scheduler

Index Propagation in Join Views
answered 20-05-2022 08:45:17 -0400

Hello, I have a base view (bv) that records events by timestamp, and I'm trying to implement indexing to optimize a join view (jv) that uses bv along with a couple of other views. Basically, jv groups events by getyear(timestamp), so I created an ind...

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Query Optimization in denodo 7

Postgres ODBC driver version for accessing Denodo 7.0
answered 20-05-2022 05:56:38 -0400

Is client access to Denodo 7.0 supported using Postgres ODBC driver versions later than 09.05? (We know that using the Denodo supplied ODBC driver is best, but some of our client apps use the Postgres driver)

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