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Cannot create oracle as a data source
answered 18-03-2021 07:52:34 -0400

We have managed to setup the Denodo solution manager and we are in the midst of configuring the oracle data source. The connectivity testing is successful but up on saving we are getting an error stating “Error saving datasource: SourceType (…) are l...

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Data Source Setup

Denodo Platform Control Center
answered 18-03-2021 07:49:44 -0400

Under the Virtual Data Port, the Data Catalog section states: "Not available due to license restrictions" It was available before. Under the scheduler section: Scheduler Server - same message - "Not available due to license restriction". Again, it w...

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Vitrual dataport administrator tool platform cannot be logged in
answered 18-03-2021 07:08:59 -0400

The management platform cannot be logged in, and the login prompts an error message. The logs show the following “Caused by: com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.common.connection.VDBConnectionException: authentication error: The username or password is incorre...

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administrator tool

Denodo Throwing error from the source
answered 18-03-2021 03:25:22 -0400

Hello, I have connected JDBC connection in denodo. When i load the data and create the view automatically using lamda function in AWS. When i run the view throwing below error: BC_YZ_RATAM_SELFSERVICE_EMEA_DE [BASE] [ERROR] ABC_YZ_RATAM_SELFSERVICE_E...

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Self-Service #Denodo #denodotestingtool #testingtool #denodo Base View descrptions AWS S3 Athena Source refresh #Athena #Baseview #Table_not_found #DataSource

I have created connection with azure databricks to be used as cache, and able to test bulk load. How this will work in real scenario?
answered 17-03-2021 09:22:28 -0400

I have created connection with azure databricks to be used as cache, and able to test bulk load. How this will work in real scenario? I have the mount on dbfs:/mnt/ folder. Created a base view on top of the datasource. But I need to understand how in r...

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Oauth Authentication in Denodo 7.0
answered 17-03-2021 08:34:46 -0400

Hi Team, What is the downstream application impact if we enable Oauth 2.0 in Denodo server level? Can JDBC/ODBC application can still connect to denodo using other authentication framework enabled? How to test the connection after Oauth 2.0 is enabled...

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Hyper-V DQVM not showing ip address
answered 17-03-2021 06:41:43 -0400

Hello, I'm new to Denodo and as part of my Denodo training i'm doing some on demand courses. Part of that is setting up a virtual machine on my laptop. I'm using Microsoft Hyper-V to launch the Denodo Training Quickstart Virtual Machine (DQVM). I (thi...

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Hyper-V DQVM

Compiling Denodo 8 ODBC driver on macOS Big Sur
asked 17-03-2021 04:37:56 -0400

I was trying to get the Denodo8 ODBC driver to work an MasOS and I managed to get that working by following these steps in case anyone finds it useful. To connect to the Denodo Server from OSx we will have to use either unixODBC or iODBC and recompile...

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Error when using RANK function for SAP data source
answered 17-03-2021 04:08:03 -0400

Hi, I am getting error while using a RANK function in Denodo v7. Error: "Finished with error: Error executing view: Function rank is not executable" Please let me know Will denodo support RANK function for SAP data source? If Yes, let me know how to f...

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Can not launch scheduler admin tool from terminal
answered 16-03-2021 08:59:39 -0400

Hi , I intsalled denodo scheduler on my server .. and I started scheduler server successfully but when I try to start scheduler admin tool by comand line ./scheduler_webadmin_startup.sh it show this message "Starting Web Container..." but it never open...

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Denodo scheduler admin Denodo Scheduler 7.0