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Nested Case Function
answered 15-09-2021 17:39:15 -0400

Denodo 7.0 Please how can I use AND for conditions in CASE command. I am getting error for the statement below: SELECT ST."EQUIPMENTID", CASE ST."INSERVICE"=1 WHEN SR."DATESERVICED" IS NOT NULL AND SC."INSTALLDATE" IS NULL AND SC."INSERVICEDATE" IS ...

Answers: 1

answered 15-09-2021 17:36:46 -0400

Hi, Steps followed for neo4j base view. 1) created data source for neo4j by using jdbc (adapter : generic , driver neo4j 4.0 , driver class : org.neo4j.jdbc.Driver) 2) Created a base view from Query using below query MATCH (n:Samplenode {name: 'xyz'})...

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Base view struct data type
answered 15-09-2021 14:14:03 -0400

Hello, I'm trying from Denodo to create a base view using introspection tool from Amazon Athena schema. The tool identifies correctly the data types for all the fields, but when I create the base view, the columns of type STRUCT are converted to text. ...

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Azure blog storage - excel file
answered 15-09-2021 13:59:07 -0400

Hi Team, Can denodo 8.0 read excel file thats stored on Azure blob storage? Or is has to be delimited file? and other standard files mentioned over KB? Thanks!

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Denodo to SAS/SHARE through JDBC : remove quotation marks in queries
answered 14-09-2021 14:09:46 -0400

Hello, We are trying to connect to a SAS/SHARE server from Denodo, using the SAS JDBC driver. Our table in our SAS server has a field called value and when we query that table through Denodo, the SQL generated by Denodo wraps the field name in double q...

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Cache maintenance task vs Cache
answered 14-09-2021 12:49:03 -0400

Hi Team, I am working on denodo 8.0. I was going to the training on Cache module and its recommended there not to use the cache maintanence task under server configuration as it is more expensive. Rather use the Clean_cache_database procedure. What i...

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Compounding a derived view
answered 14-09-2021 12:48:18 -0400

Hello, I am working on duplicating the behavior of an API, it works pretty good, all the fields are mapped etc. However, the in-place API expose the data after structuring it : { "cat1": { "a":"toto", "b":"titi" }, "cat2" :{ "c":"tata" } } while the d...

Answers: 2

VQL REST Webservice Derived views

Can't connect to SharePoint via OData
answered 14-09-2021 11:22:21 -0400

We are using Denodo 7, and SharePoint 2013 on-prem. I've followed the directions to set up the OData v2 wrapper, and I have the fields entered for my server and endpoint. I can see the endpoint in my brower, and I copied the list I want (it's called "D...

Answers: 4

ODATA SharePoint

Denodo support for something like SQL EXECUTE AS function?
answered 14-09-2021 09:17:16 -0400

Hello, Does Denodo support some kind of impersonation feature like EXECUTE AS in SQL Server? This would allow a functional user to execute a query on behalf of another user. If Denodo doesn't support it through this kind of statement, does Denodo su...

Answers: 7

Build a custom docker image to avail denodo so that later denodo database could be accessed via Databricks
answered 14-09-2021 09:11:26 -0400

I have a problem where my requirement is to Build a custom docker image to avail denodo so that later denodo database could be accessed via Databricks . The problem is to set up everything inside docker image so that any developer is able to use denodo...

Answers: 3

Docker Access Denodo Express databricks