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Having clause missing from Data Cataloge 7
answered 14-12-2020 17:33:18 -0500

As per the reply to this question - https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=9060g0000004FLLAA2&title=Denodo+Data+Catalog%3A+Having+Clause My question - since Denodo 8 is now GA, do we have HAVING clause available in its da...

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Denodo data catalog

is it possible to show runtime filter in one of the columns in denodo API
answered 14-12-2020 13:57:58 -0500

is it possible to show runtime filter in one of the columns in denodo API

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How to disallow some HTTP methods while publishing a RESTful service over a view
answered 14-12-2020 08:23:35 -0500

I am using Denodo 7 and exposed an updateable derived view via a REST web service. The swagger documentation generated automatically shows the syntax of invoking this service for PUT, DELETE, and POST methods also. I just need to provide GET method on ...

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Refresh metadata och a derived view
answered 14-12-2020 07:37:12 -0500

When the name or a column of a derived view is changed (not added or deleted) this change need to be propagated to parent derived views. The only option I see now is to do this manually. Is there other options to propagate changes?

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Where is the error log file when using custom connector
answered 14-12-2020 06:39:09 -0500

Where is the error log file when creating base view from a data source from a newly uploaded custom connector? Error: Error loading data source ... Denodo 7.0

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Custom Connector

Is it possible to create a view from a dual table.
answered 14-12-2020 06:37:26 -0500

Is it possible to create a view from a dual table.

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DVCSPUSH only can be executed against the connected database
answered 14-12-2020 05:06:11 -0500

Hello. When automating database creation we seem to run into a syntax error or getting the above error 'DVCSPUSH only can be executed against the connected database' Running below script in VQL shell: ENTER SINGLE USER MODE; # +++++++++++++++++++++...

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dvcspush git vcs statements

Export denodo views to ADLS (AZURE DATA LAKE)
answered 14-12-2020 04:58:21 -0500

I am using denodo 7.0 in on-prem, i want to export a denodo views such as base view, derived view,etc as xlsx file, parquet, avro to azure blob storage in ADLS. Pls advice. thanks!

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Denodo on Azure BLOB azure blobl storage DENODO Export Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

How to secure Denodo exposed REST API using the Http DIGEST method ?
answered 14-12-2020 04:18:15 -0500

how can i set Http DIGEST authentication scheme over a REST API ? i am using Denodo 7 and I see all other authentication options in the dropdown available in the EDIT tab of my web service. i am able to use http basic, basic with vdp, oauth, saml but n...

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Http digest

How Cognos report filters work
answered 13-12-2020 23:32:42 -0500

How does report filters work in Cognos reports that is connected to TerdaData thru Denodo. (Cognos<=>Denodo<=>TeraData) Can we pass the report selections from Cognos to Denodo and ultimately to TeraData so that the filters are applied at DB level? th...

Answers: 4
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