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Error during code deployment using Solution manager
answered 01-11-2021 07:34:55 -0400

Hello team, I am trying to deploy code in solution manager,I have created two environments one named development and another testing,I am trying to deploy code from development environment to testing environment. I have created revision in development...

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Code Deployment Deployment using Solution Manager Best Practice

jdbc connection to vdp through eclipse
answered 01-11-2021 04:45:20 -0400

Hi, to my previous question, as per your answer "jdbc:vdb://localhost:9999/admin\" admin admin" this is what is in sample code - jdbc client Instead of localhost i have used the server name showed by vdp at the time of logging in. and my username and...

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Not able to connect to denodo via eclipse using jdbc driver
answered 01-11-2021 04:01:45 -0400

Hi, I am trying to connect to Denodo- vdp through eclipse using the jdbc driver. It is showing authentication error, username or password is incorrect. Can i get any help in this regard. I am using Denodo 8 and jdk is 11. Thanks in Advance, Jyothsna

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Denodo offset in a WITH clause
answered 01-11-2021 03:44:45 -0400

Hi Denodo Teams, I'm tryng to do some operations on a view in denodo. Getting a view, I should compute some operations only on a portion of view data. In other words, in Oracle what I do is something like this: WITH sample AS ( SELECT * view_name OFFS...

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Connect to Azure Blob Storage from Denodo
answered 30-10-2021 13:38:49 -0400

Hi Team, I was able to successfully connect to Azure blob storage from denodo using request sigining method as URL query parameter ("access_token") however, I had to keep the access level of my container to Public Access Level --> Blob (anonymous r...

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Not able to connect Denodo from Excel SharePoint location.
answered 29-10-2021 15:26:14 -0400

Hi Team, I am not able to connect to Denodo from Excel share point location. Can anyone help me on this to get reslove. Regards, Karthik

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Query Limit error . | DENO 8.0
answered 29-10-2021 15:13:35 -0400

Hi Team , We are running job from scheduler which loads few cache through dependant jobs and exports records in CSV format . In few of it's runs final VDP job in scheduler fails with error - "Error executing view: Error analyzing query to decide ...

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Association on the API bases views
answered 29-10-2021 13:35:19 -0400

Hi Team, Do you suggest creating associations on the API bases views? Since it is not going to help in performance for sure. But is there any other reason why association should exists between the views that are getting the data from the API since the...

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expired token while retreiving data
answered 29-10-2021 08:46:01 -0400

Hello Team, i have an issue retreiving data from an api , because the token expiry time excced the time to retreive all the data , a huge table. we lunch the request so after 30 min the token expire so the request get interrupted. we alreade raised t...

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Web Service OAuth 2.0 Refresh Token

Incremental cache mode
answered 29-10-2021 08:26:45 -0400

Hello team, i have a blocking point regarding the incremental cache. as i red on the manual the full incremental is only used on base views , in my case my base view needs a token to be lanched , so whenever a schdeuled the cache the acces token is n...

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Incremental Cache Cache