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Passing case statement as subquery in select statement.
answered 22-07-2021 17:57:43 -0400

We are automating function to get prior two business days excluding weekends using below logic : select * from dw_vdb.cib360_bv_daily where as_of_date in (select case getdayofweek(current_date) when 3 then addday(current_date, -4) when 2 then addday(c...

Answers: 3

Denodo 7.0 Select Query CASE

I am integrating denodo view with Spring DATA JPA and facing unrecognized ssl connection error.
answered 22-07-2021 14:26:48 -0400

(http://)com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool$ScatteredAcquireTask@987ff5 -- Acquisition Attempt Failed!!! Clearing pending acquires. While trying to acquire a needed new resource, we failed to succeed more than the maximum number of allowed a...

Answers: 1

SSL I/O error springdatajpa DENODO

Modifying the Scheduler export .
answered 22-07-2021 12:10:21 -0400

Hi , I have an export of DENODO scheduler of DEV environment ,When I promote it to higher environment like ST or UAT I want to modify the name of denodo Data source that I have created as per the respective environment . E.G - if in DEV I have - se...

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Preserve View Comments
answered 22-07-2021 12:07:48 -0400

I have noticed when creating a view any comments inserted are stripped out. I can't understand why stripping out comments would be a feature as comments are an extremely important part of development. Is there a way to preserve the comments like there ...

Answers: 1

Connecting from Microsoft PowerBi
answered 22-07-2021 11:53:32 -0400

Hi Team, Quick question, I've just downloaded and installed MS PowerBI on one of my VM's, however, am struggling to figure how can I connect it with Denodo. If I go to PowerBI then > Get Data > Database - in the dropdown list Denodo doesn't sh...

Answers: 2

denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar fails command line update
answered 22-07-2021 03:07:00 -0400

./jre/bin/java /opt/denodo/updates-for-denodo-20210715/denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar "/opt/denodo/denodo_platform_8_0" -c Error: Could not find or load main class .opt.denodo.updates-for-denodo-20210715.denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar Caused b...

Answers: 1

Denodo 8.0 update Error Virtual DataPort

Create base view from sql query - Oracle
answered 21-07-2021 19:34:22 -0400

Hey, I'm trying to create a base view from a sql query where one of the fields in the oracle table has the name SERIAL#. I can import the table if I remove this field, but I need this field! How should i put the field in the select: select sid, SERIAL...

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Special Charter

Web Service Data Source: error building classes
answered 21-07-2021 14:32:25 -0400

I am trying to create a Web Service Data Source from Denodo Design Studio. I have proper WSDL and authentication (they work in Postman and Oracle PL/SQL code). When I try to "Create a Base View" the "Loading" gif spins for 2-3 minutes, then I get an er...

Answers: 1

#WSDL #ErrorBuildingClasses

Convert Text To date
answered 21-07-2021 12:39:00 -0400

Hello, I have a question regarding the conversion of incoming Text format to a Denodo Date format The field name is <fld_name>. And, a sthe incoming date values are: Jun 29, 2005 19:19:41 Using the FORMATDATE function you to have datatype to ...

Answers: 1

API filtering with array of values in POST body
answered 21-07-2021 10:42:35 -0400

Hello team, I am currently having an issue with the following case : I have an endpoint on my Denodo REST API on which I am trying to make a POST query with multiple parameters on the body which can be arrays of values (multi criteria search endpoint)...

Answers: 6

#Rest API Filter