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getmonthsbetween in denodo truncating decimal
answered 25-10-2021 08:20:22 -0400

Hi, getmonthsbetween(date1,date2) does not provide equivalent result of oracle's MONTHSBETWEEN function. For ex: if we take date1=24-OCT-2021 and date2=23-OCT-2022 then in oracle the result is 11.93... etc which is accurate but in denodo it is 11 (i.e...

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Unable to set QueryTimeout in DSN-Less connection
answered 25-10-2021 06:13:31 -0400

I have established a DSN Less connection from Azure DataFactory to Denodo, however I am unable to set queryTimeout parameter and due to this long running jobs are failing after default timeout i.e. 15mins. Can anyone help me here to understand how can ...

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Denodo 8 ODBC DSN

Push not working: GIT configuration (VCS)
answered 22-10-2021 15:49:27 -0400

Hi, We did the first commit referring the steps provided and can see the README.md file in the GIT repository. But we are unable to proceed with the push operation with the following error: Error pushing database admin: https://github.com/xxyzz/Denodo...

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GIT VCS push Denodo with Git

Refresh token not fetched when connecting to Azure Blob Storage
answered 22-10-2021 15:46:25 -0400

Hi all, I followed the steps accoring to the Denodo Data sources guide (https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/How%20to%20connect%20to%20Azure%20Blob%20Storage%20from%20Denodo) and obtained the OAuth2.0 credentials. Everything worked fine but a...

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azure blobl storage Azure Web Service OAuth 2.0 Refresh Token

Error executing a query due to memory restriction
answered 22-10-2021 11:04:22 -0400

I have 12 dervied views, using which I have 1 final view with 12 left joins, when I execute the final view I end getting this following error error analysing the query to decide the necessary memory restrictions based on the query limit specified:null...

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NULL Memory Requirements Denodo8

Sql0206 - column or global variable not found - JDBC TO DB2
answered 22-10-2021 08:05:58 -0400

i am calling an external procedure on db2 from denodo create view from a query. the call has exact number of parameters as the proc expects. I enter the same value on the execution panel as i entered in ibm i (where it works like a charm) but on denodo...

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Case sensitive of the column when creating views
answered 22-10-2021 06:01:28 -0400

Hello team, I found that when I created base views from data source, occasionally, the columns of view were created with duble quotes. And this made the column case sensitive when query in VQL shell. I have to use duble quotes to extract column. For e...

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OpenID SSO requires preferred_username
answered 22-10-2021 03:32:11 -0400

Hi Team, When configuring Denodo with PING Identity, I am getting the error as "Could not obtain the username using the claim preferred_username". Is it possible to work it without preferred_username claim and instead use "sub" or "firstname" as user...

Answers: 2


Trigger date and action
answered 21-10-2021 05:26:25 -0400

Hi all does Denodo have the possibility to verify that the data on the tables has been updated? And in case do an action? regards

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How to connect to Azure Blob Storage from Denodo
answered 20-10-2021 21:54:39 -0400

Hi Team, I am working on denodo 8.0 and tryign to read a delimited file over HTTP from Azure blob storage. Can you please let me know what need to go here for configuring HTTP header? How to get storage service version number? And what will be the va...

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