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Can I Use limit clause within the definition of a VQL view?
answered 18-10-2021 03:15:33 -0400

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW my_limit_derivedview folder 'myfolder' AS SELECT X,Y, Z FROM my_derived_view WHERE x = 10 limit 1; Cannot save the above as a VQL view definition. The error comes as "Exception parsing query near limit" The same select query "S...

Answers: 1

remove all _0 from field names on new base view
answered 17-10-2021 22:51:00 -0400

we have config turned on where if a field is renamed because of space or special characters it appends underscore 0 to the end of the field name, we want to keep that feature on but I have a view of like 100 fields and half of them have it. Is there a...

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Base view Vql shell Rename

JDBC property as a parameter
answered 17-10-2021 21:44:46 -0400

Is there a way that we can pass a denodo JDBC property in as a parameter? PostgreSQL has an "options" parameter which does this as seen on https://jdbc.postgresql.org/documentation/head/connect.html. We are trying to define the ticketCache property fr...

Answers: 3

jdbc property parameter

Simba connection error in : uncategorized Column Type
answered 15-10-2021 06:38:06 -0400

Hi, I am trying to fetch the data from a table on Azure Databricks (ADLS). Tables are delta tables. I am using Simba driver on Denodo and the connection is successful as suggested in denodo documentation. After successful connection. I try to do "Creat...

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simba JDBC Azure databricks

Unable to start Virtual DataPort Server.
answered 15-10-2021 05:02:48 -0400

I have installed Denodo express 8 version on MAC Os with JDK 11 as per the info from https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/latest/en/platform/installation/appendix/supported_java_runtime_environments/supported_java_runtime_environments Post th...

Answers: 3

Virtual DataPort Server

VCS configuration in solution manager
answered 14-10-2021 02:19:33 -0400

Hi team, We are trying to configure git in solution manager using VCS,can u please suggest where we can find the databses which we created in denedo platform (or denodo design studio),how to enable these databases in solution manager. Thank you.

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Solution Manager Denodo with Git GitHub VCS Connecting to remote databases

Denodo 8.0 needs internet acces to update to the latest version?
answered 14-10-2021 02:10:45 -0400

Hi, does Denodo 8.0 need acces to internet when performing unattendet installation with the Modifying the Denodo Platform Installer to Include the Latest Update?

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How to create a base view from query in S3
answered 13-10-2021 08:53:32 -0400

How to create a base view from query in S3?

Answers: 2

Base view

Why cache job is taking too much time to establish connection to the database.
answered 13-10-2021 04:38:59 -0400

Hi, We have scheduled a cache job in scheduler to load the cache. But it is taking too much time to connect to the database. Sometime it takes one and half hour and sometime 2 hours to establish a connection to the database. Once it establishes the con...

Answers: 1

Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Error ocurred during user context initialization
answered 12-10-2021 08:25:16 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I have configured okta for single sign on Denodo Solution manager. After configuring single sign on for Oauth and openid I am getting below error when trying to login to Denodo solution manager Error ocurred during user context initial...

Answers: 1

Single sign on