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Please share ,maven dependency for Denodo 8 JDBC driver
answered 12-10-2021 07:17:11 -0400

Please share ,maven dependency for Denodo 8 JDBC driver

Answers: 1

JDBC driver for Denodo 8

not able to retrieve query result with DSN pyodbc
answered 11-10-2021 00:55:41 -0400

Hi, I'm trying to retrieve data from Denodo with python using pyodbc. So, I configured DSN as specified in the official Doc and it works correctly. I tested my python application in two way: with a DSN-less pyodbc approach and with DSN pyodbc approac...

Answers: 1

Install Denodo on mac
answered 08-10-2021 12:37:03 -0400

Hi how can i install denodo on my mac i saw the following steps > 1-Download the Denodo installer without the JRE 2-Install java 1.6 or 1.7 in your MacOS 3-Set the JAVA_HOME: export JAVA_HOME=$(/user/libexec/java_home) 4-Run install.sh 5-Once the in...

Answers: 4

using import from repository and properties file
answered 08-10-2021 08:36:01 -0400

i would like to use the import script command with the -r and -f options such that I have a vql file generated from the source control repository. the only other thing that is missing is the properties file. I would like to be able to execute the vql f...

Answers: 3


Ms-Access database connection
answered 08-10-2021 07:26:28 -0400

Dear Sir, I have data in the MS-Access database and please let me know the procedure for connecting these database from the Denodo Tool. Give with example of connectivity. Regards, Senthil

Answers: 5


Dynamic column names generated from a pivot
answered 08-10-2021 06:19:33 -0400

Is there a way in Denodo to do a pivot where you generate the column names from a column's distinct values. The only example I could find for Denodo used static values you already knew. I am assuming if there is, it is going to have to be custom VQL q...

Answers: 8

Dynamic Pivot

LEFT JOIN losing rows
answered 08-10-2021 06:03:54 -0400

Hello, I am trying to join some tables, all with LEFT JOIN, but when I try, the numbers of rows in the results is less than the table in FROM statament. The strange thing is that if I change the order of the joins the number of the results rows change....

Answers: 2

Design studio default VIRTUAL DATAPORT SERVER
answered 08-10-2021 05:24:04 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, When I load design studio, by default the VIRTUAL DATAPORT SERVER field is populated with //localhost:9999/ value. How can I override this value with my preferred value or list of values as drop down? This is to make the DIY team's lif...

Answers: 3

Denodo Design Studio default value

VCS Management is disabled
answered 08-10-2021 02:24:48 -0400

Hi team, we are trying to configure git in denodo 8,but VCS Management is disabled in the Administration tab.Please suggest us how to enable it. Thank you

Answers: 1

VCS Version Control

About Access to view vql of derived views
answered 07-10-2021 19:45:17 -0400

Some one of my team wants to exexcute one derived views that I created, and he also wants to have the read access of that derived views's vql. I grant "metedata", "execute" access of this derived view to him, I think it is the read access we mentione...

Answers: 3

access to view vql derived views