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Server cannot be reached in Graphgl

in the " Lab Use Denodo GraphQL Service to query views " DEN80EDU13DS02LAB03 after using the URL provided in the LAB guide i got this message " Server cannot be reached " then i changed it to the http://<host>:<port>/denodo-graphql-service/...

Integration of DevOps CI/CD with Denodo?

Hi there, is it possible to integrate devops functions, like tests and linters together with the Denodo Version Control (VCS). For example, how can I integrate a linter that checks formatting of commis-messages (e.g. gitlint) with Denodo? Thanks

Dynamically Query a WS With Compound Values

Hello, We have a requirement in which a soap ws needs to be dynamically queried. The mandatory input parameter to query the ws is a compound type: { ROW( '', Parameter1, '' ),ROW( '', Parameter2, '' )} Is it possible to pass a text Parameter in...

VQL comments get removed after edit and save

Hi there, I tried to add a comment to the VQL description of a selection-query, which I created and saved. I tried different comment styles as described in the docs (#, //, / ... /). Why are the comments removed after saving the edit? Thanks

Derby DB

Hi, We seem to be experieincing performance issues in our data catalog and its possible that this relates to Derby. Is there a way to :- Check the performance Optimise Derby Other suggestions / ideas would be appreciated. Regards, Lee

Keep Alive setting in ODBC connection string

I'm connecting to denodo from Azure Data Factory with ODBC, but I'm having trouble when the query takes more than 5 minutes. Apparently due to lack of activity the connection is shut down. I was able to make it work applying the keep alive setting wit...

Solution manager error 'denodo-restfulws' 'denodo-odata4-service' 'denodo-graphql-service' has not been deployed. Error retrieving data from 'https://localhost:10090/revisions/search'. HTTP error code: 500.

==> vdp/vdp.log <== 1413193354 [Thread-3] WARN 2022-12-17T16:38:22.643 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.TomcatManager [] - Error stopping Web application 'denodo-restfulws' 1413193362 [Thread-3] WARN 2022-12-17T16:38:22.651 com.denodo.tomcat.manager.Tom...

Denodo webadmin account

Hello, We are trying to change the credentials of the 'webadmin' account because it still has the default credentials. However, I can't find the account anywhere. In user-management I can only find a regular 'admin' account. I have found that the we...

memory usage of query

Hi, I want to know how can we check the memory usage of executing a particular view in denodo? please help

Convert dictionary key value pair to new columns

We have a column having value like [{'a':'b','k':'e'},{'a':'h','k':'r','y':'q'}]. Can you please suggest how we can create new columns based on key in denodo?