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Connection error: Connection refused connect
answered 10-08-2020 17:53:36 -0400

Dear All, good afternoon, how are you? INTRO: I would like to present you a strange issue I'm expecting with Denodo 7.0 Community edition on CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core) SCENARIO DESCRIPTION 1 Installation File downloaded from denodo communi...

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VDP administration connection error Connection

Denodo VDP access Logging
answered 10-08-2020 16:43:58 -0400

Hello team, We have different users logging to Denodo VDP. Can we get the logs of all the users logging to Denodo and the datetimes of login information.

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VDP 7.0 Access Login

Extension management is empty
answered 10-08-2020 08:03:39 -0400

Following the tutorial, I thought I could select existing extensions for distributed file system (e.g. S3). However, I have no extension at all. Do I have to develop one by myself or I can download from somewhere? Thank you, M

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extension jar empty

vql shell to return all the views under some folder
answered 10-08-2020 05:09:32 -0400

Do we have vql shell that can return all the object name under one folder, including view, associations or folder? The purpose is to get all the object under one folder by script, such as python script. Thanks.

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vql shell view name

MongoDB Custom Wrapper - Type Conversion (Object, String)
answered 07-08-2020 17:21:05 -0400

Hi everyone, I have some issues with data type conversion while using the MongoDB Custom Wrapper. The following example Data illustrates the issue. /* 1 */ { "_id" : ObjectId("5f22f0c2754d8395a9b0acb9"), "Id" : "00Qi000000Jr44XEAR", "Nam...

Answers: 3

Type Conversion Custom Connector Data Type Conversion Error Handling mongodb

VQL significance
answered 07-08-2020 16:44:30 -0400

Hi Why do we need VQL in Denodo as developer I am writing only SQLs to build views. how does Denodo converts SQL which has two different sources(teradata and Hive table) when connecting two diffrent sources with ANSI SQL how Denodo will push part of t...

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Remote Table Feature available
answered 07-08-2020 16:40:28 -0400

Hi All, Could you please let us know is Remote Table feature available in Denodo 6.0. Thanks in advance.

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Denodo scheduler dependencies
answered 07-08-2020 13:00:08 -0400

Hi, We are facing the below problem in setting the dependencies in denodo scheduler. Sequence of job - 1.filecheck job - say JOB1 2.JOB2 3.JOB3 4.JOB4 5.Backup job - say JOB 5 Scenario 1: JOB 1 - dont have any dependencies and it should execute at trig...

Answers: 3

Connecting to Postgresql on EC2 Instance
answered 07-08-2020 11:59:40 -0400

Hi, I am trying to connect to a database "user" on a PostgresQL I set up on an EC2 instance. I believe I have allowed port 5432 on the inbound rules and I have modified the two config files. But I received this error message. Unable to establish c...

Answers: 2

PostgreSQL EC2 instance AWS

Multivalued variables from a query in %CONTEXT directive
answered 07-08-2020 09:40:37 -0400

Hi, is there a way to retrieve multivalued variables from a query in the %CONTEXT directive ? For example, I want to compare the count between views in Denodo and their datasources in DB2 : %CONTEXT viewnames[] = a, b, c schemavdp = eicorea schemadb2 ...

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