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excel source Unable to Establish Connection when using Local file
answered 28-10-2021 03:07:51 -0400

Hello, I keep getting error 'Unable to Establish Connection' when Im trying to point the Path to the excel file which is in my Desktop. I also tried putting the excel file in other folders and same error persists. Hope you can check.

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Anyone has experience using Azure Active Directory authentication with SQL Managed Instance
answered 27-10-2021 23:39:05 -0400

We have a DB in Azure SQL Managed Instance and we use Service Principal with Azure Active Directory authentication, we want to connect to denodo. Anyone has experience doing that? Thanks in advaance if you can share some insight how you would do it!

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Denodo Web design studio not opening
answered 27-10-2021 14:26:40 -0400

When I try to launch the denodo web studio from denodo platform control center , the denodo web studio is not opening after the launch. Instead denodo dataport administration tool is opening. So I need help with how i can open the denodo web studio.

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Convert 5 digit code to date format in denodo
answered 27-10-2021 11:36:54 -0400

Hi Team, How to convert 44469 to date 9/30/2021 in denodo? What format is this 5 digit code? Thanks

Answers: 2

Script Deployment
answered 27-10-2021 08:34:53 -0400

I have created around 100 objects base views, derived views, api's etc on development environment which is on dev-domain. I would like to promote all these to pre-prod environment which is on different domain pre-prod-domain. Since the domains are diff...

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Association error
answered 26-10-2021 04:43:54 -0400

Hi Team, I am working on denodo 8.0 Here is the set up: Database1: DimBaseView1 FactBaseView1 Database2: DerivedBaseView1 DerivedFactview1 There is a association between DerivedBaseView1 and DerivedFactview1 on a column1 under database2. When i try...

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Delimited file source headers have _0 appended to them
answered 26-10-2021 00:59:30 -0400

Sorry, I tried to find an answer by searching but couldn't. I have a .csv data source where every column is enclosed in double quotes. When I create a base view off of this source the quotes are removed, which is great, but the header gets a "_0" appe...

Answers: 3

Delimited file data source Delimited File DENODO Delimited Files

Error during Environment creation: VCS
answered 26-10-2021 00:42:30 -0400

Hi, We are getting the follwing error during environment creation: Error creating environment: error creating environment: Wrong Repository State: SAFE can you please let us know the root cause and how can we resolve the issue. Thanks

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VCS vcs

Materialized View
answered 25-10-2021 19:05:25 -0400

Does Materialized View also get invalidated like cached views once the Time to Live reaches? As Materialized View also stored in Cache. Please help.

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Materialized View

Full Access Interfaces values are not updated to the help Manual
answered 25-10-2021 15:46:53 -0400

Denodo Team, Recently, we have a requirement to manage Denodo resources based on how they connect to Denodo (Through Web or Client Tool). We want to restrict users based on the interface. When we searched for Denodo help, we didn't find the required ...

Answers: 1

Query Monitor Access interfaces