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Update data in Denodo
answered 28-01-2020 15:24:47 -0500

Good evening, I would like to know how the data is updated in Denodo. Ie upload the data on Monday, but on Wednesday I want to update my views as I would in that case. Greetings from Ecuador.

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DATE / TIMESTAMP fields are not reflecting the i18n mapping change.
answered 28-01-2020 13:26:05 -0500

When applying custom i18n mapping to existing views and setting the custom i18n mapping as default we made these changes: To create custom I18N mapping CREATE MAP I18N i18n_us_est_custom ( 'country' = 'US' 'datepattern' = 'MM/dd/yyyy' 'datesubtypepa...

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Date Conversion Denodo 7.0 i18n

How to identify or eliminate the pre-defined admin roles from LIST Roles
answered 28-01-2020 11:23:24 -0500

Dear Friends, I am using LIST ROLES to get list of all the roles from denodo. I don't want to see pre-defined admin related roles in my list of roles. I mean, I don't want to see the following pre-defined roles (data_catalog_admin, data_catalog_classi...

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Access and Role

unavailability of shared cache during deployments in mult-node architecture
answered 28-01-2020 11:10:19 -0500

we have a single cache DB ( shared cache) for multiple Prodution denodo nodes. but problem with this architecture is when we do deployment of views having cache associated with it on any of nodes . this makes the cache unavailable/invalid for other nod...

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shared cache Zero downtime Cache deployment

How to ignore view from VCS synchronization (git)
answered 28-01-2020 08:29:39 -0500

Hello team, I managed to implement dynamic base view in Denodo: In a Denodo custom stored procedure I call an Oracle Stored procedure which create a dynamic Oracle view (view definition is unknown upfront). Then I create the base view (from my Denodo ...

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Function to make tables of dimensions and facts
answered 28-01-2020 07:20:26 -0500

Good afternoon, with what function I can make tables of facts and dimensions. I have used Join to integrate views and Selection to use formulas (SUM, Get). Greetings from Ecuador.

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How to install Denodo Express on Mac with Catalina
answered 27-01-2020 19:11:47 -0500

Hello I am trying to install Denodo Express on my Mac with OS Catalina. I downloaded the generic package, set my JAVAHOME variable and try to run the install.sh script. This always returns the error readlink: illegal option -- f usage: readlink [-n...

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Appending Views
answered 27-01-2020 17:03:37 -0500

Hi I need to append views on my VDP, can we do that? Also, I have already created format views so I need to update the datasource first and then base view and then format view

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Error when run Ddenodo.launcher.excluded.jars
answered 27-01-2020 17:02:24 -0500

version: 7.0 OS: windows Error: When I run Ddenodo.launcher.excluded.jars on windows cmd,I saw '-Ddenodo.launcher.excluded.jars' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. '-classpath' is not recognized as an ...

Answers: 3

Can I store Denodo Metadata information in my own SQL Server database ?
answered 24-01-2020 19:38:30 -0500

Team, Can I store Denodo Metadata information in my own SQL Server database rather than default Apache Derby database ? If Yes, what is the process to do the same. We use Denodo Version 7. Thank you, Dilip

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