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Connectivity Issue with Denodo v8 jdbc driver api
answered 30-08-2021 16:20:04 -0400

when we are trying to connect to the denodo v8 server using "denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0-update-20210715" jar by api getting the following error java.sql.SQLException: Connection error: Check the host name and port number are correct, and that client an...

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Denodo On Demand Training
answered 27-08-2021 00:41:51 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I have registered & purchased Denodo on demand Training few years back, I need to revisit my study material for learning purpose. But now i am unable to access the training material? Can you please check why it is happening? my us...

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Training Access

Problem with Denodo Scheduler Retry Option
answered 26-08-2021 06:42:29 -0400

There seems to be some issue with Denodo Scheduler Retry Option. Can you please have a look at this scenario that i performed. Created one cache Job - which will refresh data in every 10 minutes I added my mail id in handler section for receiving...

Answers: 4

Cache job Denodo Scheduler retry Denodo Scheduler 8.0

License gone into grace period even the license is valid.
answered 26-08-2021 04:00:58 -0400

Hi Team, The license has gone into grace period even there is validity for license is there. Also when trying to start the vqlserver_startup.sh it is giving some error stating "bad substituition". Solution manager and license manager are in running st...

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Creating Mandatory Fields
answered 26-08-2021 02:49:51 -0400

Hi, Is there a way to create a mandatory fields for views? PS: datasource is JDBC not JSON Thanks

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Custom Policy: Query another view
answered 25-08-2021 17:56:16 -0400

Hello, I'm trying to query another view inside custom policy I've tried loading the driver class using: Class.forName("com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver"); I also added the denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar when compiling my custom policy. The error that oc...

Answers: 3

custom policy

Incorrect dates are read from excel
answered 25-08-2021 12:37:39 -0400

Hi Team, Theres error when reading date from excel 9/1/2020 10/1/2020 11/1/2020 12/1/2020 Above values are read as following in denodo 7/1/20 8/1/20 9/1/20 10/1/20 Any suggestions? why? Thanks!

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Create Base View for Oracle Function that returns Table Type
answered 25-08-2021 07:21:24 -0400

I am trying to create a base view on a Oracle function that returns data type - TABLE Trying this from the normal flow gives error : "Unsupported type TABLE for Database : Oracle Stored Procedure" How can i create this using a "Create Base View from VQ...

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VQL VQL Base view Custom Functions Stored Procedure Oracle

Create a JSON data source and base views following training video
answered 25-08-2021 03:13:10 -0400

Hello team, I am trying to create the base view “ bv_sales_all_array ” and “ bv_salesall ”. Data source of JSON is connecting successfully and these two base views are also created. But when I tried to execute base view and I cannot get the results in ...

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Optional URL Parameter for HTTP JSON Datasource
answered 24-08-2021 06:16:40 -0400

Hello, Is there a way to create interpolation variable and make it as an optional for GET Request on HTTP JSON datasource

Answers: 1

JSON Datasource