Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community questions How to run statistics using Denodo Scheduler 2019-06-15T02:43:35Z 2019-06-15T02:43:35Z I tried to use Denodo Scheduler to update the stats on a base view following the instructions here: However, I always get an error stating that the view does not exist. I tried adding the database name followed by the view name (e.g., dbname.vwname) and it still came back with same error message. I tried adding "connect database dbname; call generate_stats..." and it too did not work - a different error message: Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'CALL' What should be the correct way? Thanks 2019-06-15T02:43:35Z Cloud API 2019-06-14T19:55:33Z 2019-06-14T19:55:33Z Can Denodo access Cloud API as a data source? 2019-06-14T19:55:33Z Using the APIs 2019-06-14T13:07:30Z 2019-06-14T13:07:30Z Hi, I wanted to use the API "Edamam Recipe Search API". How do I find the 3scale application ID and 3scale application Key for my application to provide to this API? 2019-06-14T13:07:30Z Unable to configure the Datasource for HiveLLAP(Hive 2.0.0 -Hiveserver2) 2019-06-14T11:17:02Z 2019-06-14T11:17:02Z I am trying to create a Datasource to make test connection to HiveLLAP. Getting Unable to establish connection: Insufficient resources to execute operation error. 2019-06-14T11:17:02Z Failure when using Denodo Testing Tool 2019-06-13T22:41:48Z 2019-06-13T22:41:48Z I am trying to test denodo testing tool on one of the base views I have created on a local orable db installed on my pc. Everytime I try to run it, I am getting below error Test FAILED. Test raised an unexpected com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.HikariPool$PoolInitializationException: Failed to initialize pool: sun/rmi/transport/proxy/RMISocketInfo Could someone pls help 2019-06-13T22:41:48Z Download and Install Denodo Platform 7.0 2019-06-13T18:51:18Z 2019-06-13T18:51:18Z I need assiastance in finding a right denodo jar or tool, to install in my mac 2019-06-13T18:51:18Z Download and Install Denodo Platform 7.0 in Max 2019-06-13T18:50:19Z 2019-06-13T18:50:19Z I need assistance in finding a right driver t install in my mac 2019-06-13T18:50:19Z How to get list of views with statistics enabled 2019-06-13T15:30:49Z 2019-06-13T15:30:49Z How can I get a list of views where statistics has been enabled for a given database? 2019-06-13T15:30:49Z Metadata proc - datasource for a base view 2019-06-13T11:16:02Z 2019-06-13T11:16:02Z Is there a predefined stored proc where I can see the details of the datasource for a base view? I've been looking through but can't seem to find this info. I can find the source database name, the schema and the table but not the datasource for it. I am looking to be able to retrieve the server from the server URI details 2019-06-13T11:16:02Z Start with denodo express 2019-06-13T10:17:15Z 2019-06-13T10:17:15Z I can access to the administration tool i try to access with my email and password but i can't Please help me to strat working with this tool 2019-06-13T10:17:15Z