Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community questions Exporting multiple CSV files through single VDP job 2021-07-27T12:35:09Z 2021-07-27T12:35:09Z Hi , I have one vdp job, through which im reading CSv file which contains list of view names and im loding cache of those views. Now I want to export the cache contents of those views in CSv format but in different CSV files ( as per view names) when im trying this, all im getting is single CSV file with contents of all views in one file. is there any way where we can create seperate csv files through export ? (while exporting im again reading csv file for list of view names) v 8.0 TIA SJ 2021-07-27T12:35:09Z SharePoint List XML get all versions of each list item 2021-07-27T03:43:45Z 2021-07-27T03:43:45Z We are having an issue with connecting to a SharePoint list via OData2. The list is using Append Changes for some of the columns so there are version of each list item. We cannot see the various versions ONLY the most current one.{29329E39-175F-435A-ADB5-D7632A1CD143}&View={DFA2F380-17B7-4A5E-B4E8-F9D45459577B}&IncludeVersions=TRUE&RowLimit=0 Is there a way to use a similar URL string for another list but leverage the same authenitcation information I have for the OData2 connection? 2021-07-27T03:43:45Z Condition based Base view call 2021-07-26T18:14:23Z 2021-07-26T18:14:23Z I am having 3 base views : A, B, C. I need to create a single business view (D) based on the below condition. Please let me know how to achieve this use case : If (Condition 1 satisifed) Then Base view A's should be displayed as D's output Else Base view B should be displayed as D's output If (Condition 2 satisifed) Then Base view C be displayed as D's outputoutputoutputoutput 2021-07-26T18:14:23Z Web Automation 2021-07-26T13:02:21Z 2021-07-26T13:02:21Z Hi, I read somewhere that ITPilot is now depecated in major versions after v8. Is there a roadmap for what's next in terms of Web Automation / Extract capability within Denodo? Thanks, Kyle. 2021-07-26T13:02:21Z Unable to connect with Derived view from REST datasource with variable getting feeded from another view 2021-07-26T12:04:16Z 2021-07-26T12:04:16Z Version :- Denodo 8.0 Hi, i want to use rest api url as one data source, for which i configured it as{instanceId} Now we dont have instance ID this will be fulfilled from another data source which is base view of oracle DB. In oracle DB we have two fields like instance name (label) and instance ID for it.Now user will only provide instance name(label) in rest api we exposed and with help of this label(instance name) we will hit base view which is oracle base view and will fetch instance id. This Instance Id we want to act as response for variable available in above datasource url. This will allow to get the data of label from two different datasources,when label(instance name) will be provided. We are unable to integrate this scenario, could you please suggest steps 2021-07-26T12:04:16Z Is there a query to get a list of views with EXECUTE permission for current user? 2021-07-26T10:10:03Z 2021-07-26T10:10:03Z I want to list views accessible by the current logged user. Seems I should use GET_VIEWS(), GET_PERMISSIONS() and GET_EFFECTIVE_PERMISSIONS(), but cannot realize how 2021-07-26T10:10:03Z Spring throws: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot load driver class: com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver" on Data Source instantiation 2021-07-24T11:53:05Z 2021-07-24T11:53:05Z Hi dears, I imported Denodo JAR using maven and I configured my app to access Denodo views with the following properties and driver class name: ``` spring.datasource.denodo.url: jdbc:vdb://<ip>:<port>/<db> spring.datasource.denodo.username: ** spring.datasource.denodo.password: ** spring.datasource.denodo.driver-class-name= com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver ``` However, when I run the app I get the following exception: > Failed to instantiate [javax.sql.DataSource]: Factory method 'denodoDataSource' threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot load driver class: com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver I'm not sure why the app isn't able to load the Driver. Do you have any thoughts? Thanks J, 2021-07-24T11:53:05Z How to backup user queries under Data Catalog? 2021-07-24T10:10:16Z 2021-07-24T10:10:16Z Hi, Is there a way to automate backup of the Saved Quries by users? Currently I can see that an admin user has an option to "Export All User Queries" under "My Queries", but this is a manual way to do. Does the export script contain user saved queries or it only contains the metadata? This will be useful in case of any failure in the PROD environment and we decide to use the DR environment. 2021-07-24T10:10:16Z VDPCache for multiple tables 2021-07-23T12:05:21Z 2021-07-23T12:05:21Z Hi , I want to load cache of multiple views through single VDPCache job from Scheduler . can we do it ? is there any example for the same ? (Version 8.0) TIA SJ 2021-07-23T12:05:21Z Question about external database 2021-07-23T08:18:15Z 2021-07-23T08:18:15Z In my project, we are planning to use external cache database and external metadata database. I know how to setting it by using vdp admin tool or web gui, cause it is written on manual. There will be has no problem if the environment is windows or linux. But we are using k8s now and i need to deploy denodo in k8s. As everbody know that we should put all configurations in configmap rather than settting by Web-UI manually everytime. Im searching the location(path) of below configuration file, but didnt found any info in Manual and documents. does anybody could tell me where is the location? * SolutionManager: the config file's location about external metadata database * VDPserver: the config file's location about external metadata database * Datacatalog: the config file's location about external metadata database * VDPserver: the config file's location about external cache database BTW, i will be appriciate if denodo side could add more contents in manuals about k8s. There are several document about how to deploy denodo in k8s. but that is just for test, not enough for production environment. Although maybe most of denodo users are windows or linux user, It would be save lot of time for k8s users if some production level sample manual or document could be find on community site. 2021-07-23T08:18:15Z