Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community answered questions "Untrusted domain" issue 2024-06-12T09:55:58Z 2024-06-12T09:55:58Z Hi, Facing the "Unable to establish connection: Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Integrated Authentication? with driver 10.x Do I have to intall a 9.x driver ? KR, Laurent 2024-06-12T09:55:58Z Denodo export function in Data Catalog - Personalization 2024-06-11T13:43:11Z 2024-06-11T13:43:11Z We have a question about the export function in Data Catalog. For privacy reasons, we don't want our Denodo users to have the grants to EXPORT all views in Data Catalog. In the export configuration section in Data Catalog we tuned on the function named "Only allow to export user with role "data_catalog_exporter" in VDP server." For test_user we added the role "data_catalog_exporter" but this means ALL views of test_user can be exported. We only want 1 of his 10 views to have the export grants. Could you please help and find a way to give grants on VIEW level so our Denodo users are not able to export all their views? 2024-06-11T13:43:11Z Cache DB selection between SQL server and Netezza 2024-06-11T10:10:57Z 2024-06-11T10:10:57Z I want to enable cache, but I am curious to know which one is best for use from SQL Server and Netezza? Can you provide a comparison sheet or you can help me to understand between them as which is one benificial to use? 2024-06-11T10:10:57Z Denodo essentials 2024-06-10T05:58:04Z 2024-06-10T05:58:04Z Denodo essentials videos are available for cost. Please confirm How to get free videos for an certification 2024-06-10T05:58:04Z denodo developer certification material to learn 2024-06-10T05:16:37Z 2024-06-10T05:16:37Z how to get the material or video for denodo developer 2024-06-10T05:16:37Z Salesforce Data Cloud to Denodo 2024-06-04T14:53:24Z 2024-06-04T14:53:24Z Has anyone tried connecting to Salesforce Data Cloud? Apart from JSON/HTTP calls, is there any alternative you tried? 2024-06-04T14:53:24Z Obligatory fields exceeds the maximum allowed 2024-06-04T03:20:54Z 2024-06-04T03:20:54Z Hello, Error message - Obligatory fields exceeds the maximum allowed We are querying from a view "iv_view1" by using 6 variables. "iv_view1" is created using VQL from a customized SQL query on top of a base view ""bv_view1". If I use around 5 to 6 values for each variable, query runs fine. It fails when I increase the number of values to 10 for each variable. Please let me know if you could resolve this. Regards, Sree 2024-06-04T03:20:54Z Data Owner and Steward access to Catalog 2024-06-03T12:21:38Z 2024-06-03T12:21:38Z Dear Community, I am creating a role for data owners in design studio. The data owners should have the ability to endorse, warn and deprecate views. They should also have the ability to create change and data quality requests. The only role in design studio that enables this functionality for the user is the data_catalog_admin role. Unfortunately, this role also allows the user to enact changes through the Set-up and management administration functionality and naturally, we don't want our Data Owners and Stewards to have access to change the Set-up aspects of the catalog. Is there any other role, that we can assign that will allow these users to Endorse, Warn, Depricate and log requests? Kind regards, Ernest 2024-06-03T12:21:38Z Integration with SSIS 2024-06-02T16:44:01Z 2024-06-02T16:44:01Z Can we integrate SSIS as a source in denodo to create web services? 2024-06-02T16:44:01Z VARBINARY - SQL SERVER 2024-05-30T13:07:34Z 2024-05-30T13:07:34Z Hi, I'm working with VARBINARY - what datatype should I use in Denodo? I'm seeing strange behaviour using the default blob (autodetected). i) the values look strange and ii) JOINs return records that they shouldn't. Using version Admin Tool 8.0.20210715 VDP Server 8.20240306 I've read other answers that say to choose VARBINARY - however this is not an option in the list. Any steer is appreciated. Thanks. 2024-05-30T13:07:34Z