Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community questions How to escape special character in username field 2024-05-20T10:29:26Z 2024-05-20T10:29:26Z I'm setting up a JDBC connection to an Azure SQL database server. The problem I'm getting is when I enter the username which is in the format of an email address, then the @ character is interpreted by the JDBC connector as an indicator for the Hostname. How do I escape this character entered into the username field? ANSWER: I had to add authentication=ActiveDirectoryPassword to the connection string. 2024-05-20T10:29:26Z Could not open denodo web design studio 2024-05-20T06:29:57Z 2024-05-20T06:29:57Z Hi , my denodo design studio could not open after pressing the start button, only could open the VDP server , the rest cant.... 2024-05-20T06:29:57Z Connect DataHub as a datasource in Denodo 2024-05-17T14:05:10Z 2024-05-17T14:05:10Z Hi, Please advise on the steps to connect DataHub ( as a datasource in Denodo. Thank you! 2024-05-17T14:05:10Z OAuth 2.0 API connection Issue 2024-05-17T10:39:25Z 2024-05-17T10:39:25Z I have a GET URL, It was working fine with postman. When I trying to connect this Rest API to Denodo I have facing an error. like **Unable to establish connection: Connection refused** The Authentication type is OAuth 2.0 Authentication grant - Client credential grant Authentication method used by the authorization servers - Send client credentials using the HTTP Basic authentication scheme I mentioned Client ID, Client Secret, Access token, Token endpoint URL. As well as HTTP Headers also. 2024-05-17T10:39:25Z MFA 2024-05-16T21:27:43Z 2024-05-16T21:27:43Z How do you setup the data source to use MFA authentication? 2024-05-16T21:27:43Z RedHat 9 and Denodo Driver 8.0 2024-05-13T12:17:03Z 2024-05-13T12:17:03Z i have problem with that, in R studio show in error for Denodo: Error: nanodbc/nanodbc.cpp:1135: 00000: received invalid response to GSSAPI negotiation: R 2024-05-13T12:17:03Z Import Materialized View Data Lineage in Denodo 2024-05-09T22:41:46Z 2024-05-09T22:41:46Z We would like to import an Oracle MV dependencies into Denodo, do we have an design option here Below will give all the underlying references of the MV, and we wanted to import those underlying tables/views and associate to the final view, so that we have a tree view. Please advise a optimal auotmated design for this? ``` SELECT * FROM dba_dependencies WHERE owner = 'dts' AND name = 'CAT_MV'; ``` 2024-05-09T22:41:46Z how to create temporary tables in VQL Stored procedures 2024-05-09T13:53:58Z 2024-05-09T13:53:58Z Hi Denodo team, Could you please help me on creating temporary tables in VQL stored procedures with example if possible. **I am trying the save the below code but getting error saying** ***Error saving stored procedure: Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'CREATE*'** (Program_Code IN VARCHAR,Source_Date_From IN DATE,Source_Date_To IN DATE) AS ( // Procedure variables ProgramCode VARCHAR;SourceDateFrom DATE;SourceDateTo DATE; ) BEGIN // Procedure body ProgramCode:=Program_Code; SourceDateFrom:=Source_Date_From; SourceDateTo:=Source_Date_To; CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE TempReq_Rep AS SELECT * from <base_view> left outer join <dervied view> on <join fields> where ( program_code in (Select Value from split (Program_Code,',') ) AND status IN ('A', 'O', 'P') AND nstatus NOT IN('X') AND (source_date >= SourceDateFrom AND source_date <= SourceDateTo) ); END; Your help is much appreciated 2024-05-09T13:53:58Z Trying to connect to datahub api 2024-05-09T13:06:17Z 2024-05-09T13:06:17Z I am trying to create a datasource via REST APi call to datahub , but gettinbg connection error , CAn anyone please suggest me any way and what all filetrs need to give? 2024-05-09T13:06:17Z How to find out when number of rows changes for a Data Catalog Query ( Query > My Queries) 2024-05-09T09:52:22Z 2024-05-09T09:52:22Z How can we identify if the records are inserted/deleted for a saved query in Denodo Data Catalog. The idea is to eventually trigger a notification whenever new rows are available for a saved query in Data Catalog ( Query > My Queries). 2024-05-09T09:52:22Z