Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community answered questions Permissions and privileges need for source connection on source database 2024-07-16T13:06:24Z 2024-07-16T13:06:24Z Hello - we are new to Denodo. I'm looking for documentation or direction on permissions and privileges needed at the source database level when connecting. We will have both source Oracle and SQLServer. Other than read only? Create temp table? Reading the internal tables for stats, etc.? This is for source connection only. Not referring to the Denodo databases. TIA. 2024-07-16T13:06:24Z certification 2024-07-15T13:54:52Z 2024-07-15T13:54:52Z when is denodo 9.0 certification launching ? 2024-07-15T13:54:52Z java.sql.SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException: authentication error: Insufficient privileges to connect to the database 2024-07-12T14:56:44Z 2024-07-12T14:56:44Z Hi I am trying to connect to Denodo from Databricks - Code snippet below pushdown_query = "select * from dbname.view" denodo_table = ( .format("jdbc") .option("url", "jdbc:vdb://<server-name>:9999/dbname") .option("query", pushdown_query) .option("user", "XXXXXX") .option("password", "XXXXX") .option("driver","com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver") .option("sslTrustServerCertificate","true") .load() **Driver on Databricks cluster is** - denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0-update-20220815.jar **VDB server version** is - Denodo Virtual DataPort Server 8.0 20230301 hotfix 20230828 **Error is - ** - java.sql.SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException: authentication error: Insufficient privileges to connect to the database **PS - i can connect to the VDB using the Design Studio directly using the same user/pwd combo and select from dbname.view just fine** Any help or guidance on the issue is appreciated 2024-07-12T14:56:44Z How to determine the path to or the name of a view from the view itself? 2024-07-11T15:47:19Z 2024-07-11T15:47:19Z It is possible to determine the name of the view of its path from view itself? GET_VIEW() is a goed tool, but it needs the name of the view to filter information. as example: Database1 -- Folder_AA ---- view_AA = `select av1.col1, RIGHT(<determine_path_or_view_name>,2) as col2 from another_view av1` => where <determine_path_or_view_name> is a procedure or function or something else that returns path `/Database1/Folder_AA` or name `view_AA`. As result, col2 will contain `AA` -- Folder_BB ----- view_BB = `select av1.col1, RIGHT(<determine_path_or_view_name>,2) as col2 from another_view av1` => col2 will become `BB` -- Folder_CC ----- view_CC = `select av1.col1, RIGHT(<determine_path_or_view_name>,2) as col2 from another_view av1` => col2 will result in `CC` Any idea? 2024-07-11T15:47:19Z Migrating views from Denodo V7 to V8 2024-07-10T14:35:02Z 2024-07-10T14:35:02Z Hi Team, How to compare the views between Denodo V7 and V8 & migrate the views from V7 to V8. 2024-07-10T14:35:02Z Getting metadata of derived views 2024-07-10T12:27:00Z 2024-07-10T12:27:00Z I have a task to get metdata of (derived view) not (a base view) in denodo to my python code but this derived view contains many arrays and registers..when i use DESC VIEW and GET_TYPE_ATTRIBUTES() in my python code.. it only returns the columns names and types without the nested coulmns in the registers and arrays..I want they to return also..How can i do that? 2024-07-10T12:27:00Z VDP external metadata configuration 2024-07-10T06:02:40Z 2024-07-10T06:02:40Z Hi Team, We are planning to setup external metadata for VDP. due to huge elements getting more than 12 hours while importing the exported VQL to new external metadata (mysql). is there any way to speed up the process. can we directly export the derby metadata to mysql using etl tool or any other tools , Kindly suggest. Thanks 2024-07-10T06:02:40Z Specify Keystore alias in the SSL configuration 2024-07-09T08:28:29Z 2024-07-09T08:28:29Z Hello. I am configuring ssl/tls on my denodo installation, for this I use the script <DENODO_HOME>/bin/denodo_tls_configurator ( In my Java Keystore, there are several certificates including one for the server. My problem is that once SSL/TLS is enabled, the certificate used is the first available certificate in the keystore and not the one I used during the configuration, in other words, each of my keystores must contain only the server certificate. So I am looking for a solution to specify the name of the alias of the certificate to use. Thanks in advance. 2024-07-09T08:28:29Z Connectors and storage services 2024-07-08T16:15:59Z 2024-07-08T16:15:59Z Hello all, how can I connect to denodo to azure ? what are the connectors available and what storage services in azure I can store the data? Thank you in advance. 2024-07-08T16:15:59Z Migration to Microsoft Azure 2024-07-08T15:11:15Z 2024-07-08T15:11:15Z Is there any good documentation or links that details the approach of migration of Denodo to Microsoft azure ? What are the potential challenges and pitfalls,if there are any to be aware of? Thank you in advance. 2024-07-08T15:11:15Z