Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community questions VQL statement and visual query formatting Hi, I am wondering if there is a tool or add-on similar to that of RedGate SQL formatting capability to facilitate vql code debugging. The vql formatting appears to be lost when exporting vql code from the VDP admin tool. Tue, 26 Jan 2021 16:07:17 GMT 2021-01-26T16:07:17Z SAML Identity Provider (IdP) Is it possible that denodo express 8.0 trial version can configure a authentication against an external SAML Identity Provider (IdP) ? I would like to download metadata xml and upload to my SAP cloud product. Tue, 26 Jan 2021 09:36:03 GMT 2021-01-26T09:36:03Z Error Creating the Base View I tried testing Json data source from SAP using HTTP method 'GET', but it responded below error message when creating base view Unable to obtain the data structure: com.denodo.util.exceptions.InternalErrorException: Error retrieving data from 'http://<host>:<port>/sap/opu/odata/sap/API_WORK_CENTERS/A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')?sap-client=XXX&&sap-language=EN'. HTTP error code: 401. The above URL is correct because of connection tested successfuly. Tried again, the error messages become: Unable to obtain the data structure: com.denodo.util.exceptions.InternalErrorException: No content to map due to end-of-input at [Source: (InputStreamReader); line: 1, column: 0] Expectation responsed data is kind of below data : <entry xmlns="" xmlns:m="" xmlns:d="" m:etag="W/"datetimeoffset'2018-10-09T12%3A00%3A00.0000000Z'"" xml:base="http://<host>:<port>/sap/opu/odata/sap/API_WORK_CENTERS/"> <id>http://<host>:<port>/sap/opu/odata/sap/API_WORK_CENTERS/A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')</id> <title type="text">A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')</title> <updated>2021-01-26T08:35:50Z</updated> <category term="API_WORK_CENTERS.A_WorkCentersType" scheme=""/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')" rel="edit" title="A_WorkCentersType"/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')/to_Capacity" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=entry" title="to_Capacity"/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')/to_WorkCenterAllCapacity" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="to_WorkCenterAllCapacity"/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')/to_WorkCenterCapacity" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="to_WorkCenterCapacity"/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')/to_WorkCenterCostCenter" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="to_WorkCenterCostCenter"/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')/to_WorkCenterDescription" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="to_WorkCenterDescription"/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')/to_WorkCenterQueuingOp" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="to_WorkCenterQueuingOp"/> <link href="A_WorkCenters(WorkCenterInternalID='10000048',WorkCenterTypeCode='A')/to_WorkCenterTodayOp" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="to_WorkCenterTodayOp"/> <content type="application/xml"> <m:properties> <d:WorkCenterInternalID>10000048</d:WorkCenterInternalID> <d:WorkCenterTypeCode>A</d:WorkCenterTypeCode> <d:WorkCenter>ASSEMBLE</d:WorkCenter> <d:WorkCenterDesc>ASSEMBLE</d:WorkCenterDesc> <d:Plant>1710</d:Plant> <d:WorkCenterCategoryCode>0001</d:WorkCenterCategoryCode> <d:WorkCenterResponsible>001</d:WorkCenterResponsible> <d:WorkCenterResponsibleName>Work center supervisor</d:WorkCenterResponsibleName> <d:SupplyArea/> <d:WorkCenterUsage>009</d:WorkCenterUsage> <d:CapacityInternalID>10000066</d:CapacityInternalID> <d:WorkCenterIsToBeDeleted>false</d:WorkCenterIsToBeDeleted> <d:ValidityStartDate>2018-10-09T00:00:00</d:ValidityStartDate> <d:ValidityEndDate>9999-12-31T00:00:00</d:ValidityEndDate> Tue, 26 Jan 2021 07:03:31 GMT 2021-01-26T07:03:31Z How to pick the last record from duplicates? Say I have a table with 3 columns: A, B, C. See below. | Column A | Column B | Column C | | -------- | -------- | -------- | |1 | 11 | 21 | |1 | 12 | 22 | |2 | 13 | 23 | |2 | 12 | 24 | |3 | 14 | 25 | I want to pick only one record from the duplicates of column A. i.e. the table below. | Column A | Column B | Column C | | -------- | -------- | -------- | |1 | 12 | 22 | |2 | 13 | 23 | |3 | 14 | 25 | I tried row_number(), but the source of my table are from different DBs, so row_number() could not be excuted. Are there any other solutions? Thanks. Mon, 25 Jan 2021 21:57:18 GMT 2021-01-25T21:57:18Z Need syntax how to pass multiple values in restapi url for input parameters I tried this way but didn't work in postman Query1: https://denodo server url /server/inventory/InventorySummaryAPI/views/InventoryOnHoldSummaryAPI? $filter=?fctry_id? in (ABC,EFJ,IJK)& $filter=?opr_id? in (12,13,45) & $filter="strg cd" in (196,127,156) & $filter= ?opr_idX? in (10,20,30) Can you please help me with the syntax Also need syntax how to pass values dynamically from UI Mon, 25 Jan 2021 17:13:57 GMT 2021-01-25T17:13:57Z I am getting an error like "error parsing query" when I am using one VQL in the Extraction section of Denodo scheduler, but the same is working find while executing it in VQL shell. Could anyone please guide me where I am doing wrong. Regarding Gather stat & Denodo scheduling Mon, 25 Jan 2021 14:48:07 GMT 2021-01-25T14:48:07Z Autocomplete for kibana types in kibana-plugins I'm developing plugin for [kibana]( and I'm feeling pain due to absent IntelliSense. Does anyone know how to add to IntelliSense support of kibana types in vscode when I open my kibana plugin folder? Or maybe anyone know how to configure IntelliSense to enable autocompletion of types from sibling folder for JS project? My folder structure is: /kibana /kibana-extra/myplugin I'm opening directly myplugin folder. I tried to add following jsconfig.json: { "include": [ "../../kibana/src/**/*" ], "exclude": [ "../../kibana/src/**/__fixtures__/**/*" ] } But I have no success. Mon, 25 Jan 2021 10:48:30 GMT 2021-01-25T10:48:30Z DenodoODBC_x86.msi is blocked by Microsoft Defender (due to Unknown publisher) The error message is Windows protected your PC Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. App: DenodoODBC_x86.msi Publisher: Unknown publisher Sun, 24 Jan 2021 05:22:27 GMT 2021-01-24T05:22:27Z How can we check a specific user/account is created by which account? Hi team, if I have Denodo account in DV, and I want to check who and when created that account, how can we do that? We down the vdp.log but cannot get this kind of information. How can get this information? thanks. Thu, 21 Jan 2021 08:36:47 GMT 2021-01-21T08:36:47Z Commands/VQL Statement to manage Scheduler Jobs Hi, Does scheduler support management of jobs through a command line interface or VQL interface? We are ware that Scheduler Client API allows jobs, filter sequences and data sources to be programmatically configured and managed. But its to feasible for our use case. Kindly advise. Thanks. Thu, 21 Jan 2021 07:29:52 GMT 2021-01-21T07:29:52Z