Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community questions RegexExp to extract value between parentheses I am trying to use the following formula to return the value that is between parentheses in a field. For some reason it is just returning the exact same value. I am pretty sure this REGEX is valid. regexp(bv_epic_tpi_inventory_report.hcco, '/\(([^)]+)\)/', '/\(([^)]+)\)/') Any suggestions to get this working? This is what one of the values looks like: YADAV, DEEPAK ( and this is what I want returned Is there another (easy) way to do this? Fri, 25 Sep 2020 15:52:39 GMT 2020-09-25T15:52:39Z Convert rows into columns after flattening in denodo I have created a base view out of an API which returns me some array rcolumns. I then flattened these columns using flattening function in denodo. But I get multiple rows for a single account. My requirement is to convert these rows in corresponding columns. Could you please help. Fri, 25 Sep 2020 13:48:43 GMT 2020-09-25T13:48:43Z Pagination related question I am calling an external API to Denodo which is a JSOn. That API has set default 1000 records which I received as it is in denodo. I was unable to fectch more record in denodo with that API so I thought of Pagination in JSOn DS> configure > Pagination. Now I selected the 4th Option for Pagination. Pagination Indices and I am not I have set 1000 page size and Offset for next request of 1000 and Maximum size of 10000. Butt Now even I have specified everthing, when I click on retrieve all record it is not retreiving all data till 10000 request(it contains more data around) and it evertime shows an error while retrieving data(that retrieval query runs for around 900+ seconds) and doesnot return row count but some data is returned. How can I actually use pagination for an extenal API to get all data simply, becuase I am uanble to achieve that pagination indices. EDIT: The row limit is 1000 by external API and there are no URL parameter in existsing API link and just randomly I even used denodo set of rules for pagination($count, Start_index) but that didnt worked. Kindly help Fri, 25 Sep 2020 07:14:37 GMT 2020-09-25T07:14:37Z Exception parsing near query 'CREATE' While I am creating the remote table for the ms sql server 2016, I copies the vql query of my dataset and paste in the VQL Query space in remote table option, but it is showing error . I am using Denodo 7.0 express version. Kindly get me through it as soon as possible. Thu, 24 Sep 2020 15:45:11 GMT 2020-09-24T15:45:11Z OData 4 Custom Wrapper Hello! I am tring to create a new datasource with the custom odata4 wrapper. It is showing in the Jars, but does not give me the option to refresh the input paramters. It seems like that button does not exist for me. When I try to save the datasource, it recognizes the fields are empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Thu, 24 Sep 2020 13:11:17 GMT 2020-09-24T13:11:17Z Create view from json file Hi Team, I need to create a view from multiple json files and luckly I have created view from them.Now challenge is like I have a view of coloumn which has itslef a colllection of elements means there are few columns in view which are itself an array of elements.I want to create seperate view for these coloumns with same global fields in all column view. Suppose there are 2 fields experiment_Id and experiment type and these are common for for all fields in view.So I want to create view of all array type coloumn which will keep these 2 global values so that it can be recognised for same json file. Thanks in advance. Regards, Neetu Singh Thu, 24 Sep 2020 10:48:10 GMT 2020-09-24T10:48:10Z Can I feed Rest API parameters from a database query? I have a list of ID values in a database table that I want to feed in as parameters to a Rest API call. I need to make one API call per ID value in the database table. I need to make the union of these Rest API calls into a single table. Can this be done in denodo? Tue, 22 Sep 2020 19:56:00 GMT 2020-09-22T19:56:00Z Disadvantage of using multiple CTEs in Denodo We are using many level of CTEs in our architeture.Also joining them with other integrated views.Please let me know what are the disadvantages of using CTEs in Denodo considering performance side. Tue, 22 Sep 2020 11:34:04 GMT 2020-09-22T11:34:04Z Error modifying view: View names not available Hi , I am creating simple derived view from 2 base views , while enabling cache on the derived view i'm getting "Error modifying view: View names not available" error . Thanks for your help in advance....! Mon, 21 Sep 2020 20:09:18 GMT 2020-09-21T20:09:18Z Flattening json content blob to separate columns Hi, I am working with certain base views containing json data blobs as a column with the field type as text and not something like arrays.I am looking to flatten the view and get all the keys/values in separate columns. The content json blob column is built upon a combination of Arrays - Name/Value strings but the base view, which I have access to contains this blob in Text field and not as an Array. Below is an example of the records that I am trying to expand to a table view. I've tried the flatten view option but as the json blob is categorized as text, I am not able to use this option. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks | id | contenttype | contentblob | | -------- | -------- | -------- | |18b73 | xyz |{"$type":"xyz","FactorDescription":"Official","Result":"NOFLAG","ResultDescription":"NoFlag","ResultNumericValue":0,"Evidence":{"$type":"xyz","value":0}} | Mon, 21 Sep 2020 15:51:29 GMT 2020-09-21T15:51:29Z