Denodo community Q&A RSS feed Latest Denodo community questions Error executing a query due to memory restriction I have 12 dervied views, using which I have 1 final view with 12 left joins, when I execute the final view I end getting this following error **error analysing the query to decide the necessary memory restrictions based on the query limit specified:null ** I tried incresing the memory in server configuration, but still ended up getting the same issue. I am using denodo platform 8 I have not cached any views during the above task. underlying data source is DB2. Thu, 21 Oct 2021 14:24:08 GMT 2021-10-21T14:24:08Z Unable to set QueryTimeout in DSN-Less connection I have established a DSN Less connection from Azure DataFactory to Denodo, however I am unable to set queryTimeout parameter and due to this long running jobs are failing after default timeout i.e. 15mins. Can anyone help me here to understand how can I add/mentioned queryTimeout 0 to DSN-Less connection string? Is there a way to utilize ConnSettings= parameter for this scenario? "DRIVER={DenodoODBC Unicode(x64)};UID=@{linkedService().userName};PWD=@{linkedService().password};SERVER=@{linkedService().server};DATABASE=@{linkedService().dbName};PORT=@{linkedService().port};SSLmode=prefer;service=;krbsrvname=HTTP;UserAgent=<user agent>;ReadOnly=0;Protocol=7.4-1;FakeOidIndex=0;ShowOidColumn=0;RowVersioning=0;ShowSystemTables=0;ConnSettings=set+i18n+to+us%5fpst%3b;Fetch=100;Socket=4096;UnknownSizes=0;MaxVarcharSize=255;MaxLongVarcharSize=8190;Debug=0;CommLog=0;Optimizer=0;Ksqo=0;UseDeclareFetch=1;TextAsLongVarchar=1;UnknownsAsLongVarchar=0;BoolsAsChar=0;Parse=0;CancelAsFreeStmt=0;ExtraSysTablePrefixes=dd_;LFConversion=1;UpdatableCursors=0;DisallowPremature=0;TrueIsMinus1=0;BI=0;ByteaAsLongVarBinary=0;UseServerSidePrepare=0;LowerCaseIdentifier=0;PreferLibpq=1;GssAuthUseGSS=0;XaOpt=3;UseKerberos=0" Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Sourav Thu, 21 Oct 2021 13:01:15 GMT 2021-10-21T13:01:15Z Unable to create Environment: VCS Hi, i am unable to create environment in vcs management (Denodo 8) with the following error: *Error creating environment: error creating environment: Remote origin did not advertise Ref for branch master. This Ref may not exist in the remote or may be hidden by permission settings.* Can you please help me resolve the issue Wed, 20 Oct 2021 19:35:42 GMT 2021-10-20T19:35:42Z Trigger date and action Hi all does Denodo have the possibility to verify that the data on the tables has been updated? And in case do an action? regards Wed, 20 Oct 2021 15:19:50 GMT 2021-10-20T15:19:50Z How to connect to Amazon Athena from Denodo 8.0 using JDBC?? Hi, is there any documentation on how to perform when connecting to AWS Athena from Denodo 8.0 using JDBC. I know the ir documentation on how to connect bu with Denodo 7.0. Are the procedures the same? Thankyou Wed, 20 Oct 2021 14:28:45 GMT 2021-10-20T14:28:45Z VCS is configured with GIT but, data is not showing up in GIT Hi team, VCS is configured with GIT,we can perform push pull and all operations and the changes are available in the local repository but we cannot see the code/repo or any data/code in GIT. Please help. Wed, 20 Oct 2021 14:21:43 GMT 2021-10-20T14:21:43Z OpenID SSO requires preferred_username Hi Team, When configuring Denodo with PING Identity, I am getting the error as "Could not obtain the username using the claim preferred_username". Is it possible to work it without preferred_username claim and instead use "sub" or "firstname" as user name? Regards, Sripathi Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:14:45 GMT 2021-10-18T12:14:45Z Forgot Username I tried to login to Denodo virtual dataport administration tool but I cannot remember my user name can someone help me Mon, 18 Oct 2021 08:41:27 GMT 2021-10-18T08:41:27Z Can I Use limit clause within the definition of a VQL view? CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW my_limit_derivedview folder 'myfolder' AS SELECT X,Y, Z FROM my_derived_view WHERE x = 10 limit 1; Cannot save the above as a VQL view definition. The error comes as "Exception parsing query near limit" The same select query "SELECT X,Y, Z FROM my_derived_view WHERE x = 10 limit 1;" executes fine on VQL shell. Is it possible to create a view definition with limit clause or is not possible? Thanks, Surath. Sun, 17 Oct 2021 16:29:17 GMT 2021-10-17T16:29:17Z Denodo Express - Mac OS 11.6 Compatibility Is Denodo Community edition compatible with Mac OS 11.6? Fri, 15 Oct 2021 15:23:59 GMT 2021-10-15T15:23:59Z