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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in November 2018.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community.

In addition, if you want to enjoy the Denodo experience you can run one of our Test Drives.

How to update admin pwd in Solution manager
answered 11-06-2018 13:35:19 -0400

How to update defualt admin pwd in Solution manager?

Answers: 1

solution manager install

Reg: About Denodo Tool:-
answered 11-06-2018 08:34:06 -0400

Hi Team. Good morning!!! I have a quick question Reg : Denodo Tool. So far I have been doing different type of scenarios in Denodo Tool whatever I did in sql before. But I didn't understand Why Denodo is called ETL Tool. Coz it has all sql functions ...

Answers: 1

REST Service query - select newest date row
answered 11-06-2018 08:33:23 -0400

We are using Denodo 6.0 on Windows 10 Desktop. We have a question about querying REST web service to narrow down multiple rows to a single row based on a date column. What would be the syntax in the query? In the following example, we'd like to get the...

Answers: 3

Filter Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

Allow Denodo Platfrom againt Firewall
answered 08-06-2018 07:41:08 -0400

I have published a REST Service using Denodo Express installed on a cloud server. I am able to access the webservice using web localhost:9090. But I am unable to access the REST service from my desktop using the web URL servername:9090. I have done the...

Answers: 1

answered 07-06-2018 11:37:40 -0400

Hi Experts, I am new in denodo 1.can we replicate the data from excel to SQL. 2.Can we use any sources & any targets

Answers: 1

Data Source

No t able to get into my Denodo Platform 6.0 application
answered 07-06-2018 08:00:01 -0400

I have Denodo 6.0 on my Windows 10 laptop. No updates just installed a little over a month ago. I am now working on the Basic training course and it has worked for all my labs in the Introduction courses. I need to know how to get in to do the labs for...

Answers: 1
Related to: Address already in use: JVM_Bind

Express License File Issue
answered 07-06-2018 07:24:37 -0400

Hi. I have successfully downloaded express on a 64 bit Windows machine. When I attempt to download the license file, it jumps to a web page merely showing script information (appears to be for the license file - see below). How do I download the actual...

Answers: 1

Denodo Express License File

data source details
answered 07-06-2018 00:06:52 -0400

how to find list of base views and their metadata information using vql shell / stored procedure for a datasource. output should be like: datasource_name, baseview_name, datasource_type, baseview_database_name, baseview_table_name, baseview_schema_nam...

Answers: 4

Enforcing primary key
answered 06-06-2018 16:20:29 -0400

In the scenario where we do not have concept of primary/ foreign key in source system such as Snowflake in that case I got to know enforcing primary key in denodo 6 does not assure that i will have unique values for a column or set of columns.What I am...

Answers: 1

primary keys

Denodo workday connection - Pagination
answered 06-06-2018 14:43:30 -0400

Hi team, i have imported workday SOAP Web Service using an XML data source in denodo. The web service has multiple pages. But base view is giving data from only 1st page by default. I need to get all the web pages in single request. I could find pagina...

Answers: 1

pagination Workday