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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in November 2018.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community.

In addition, if you want to enjoy the Denodo experience you can run one of our Test Drives.

Can I try out Denodo IT Pilot in Denodo Express?
answered 04-01-2018 16:14:08 -0500

Can I try out Denodo IT Pilot in Denodo Express? What license should I be using? I installed Denodo Express on my machine and applied license available on Express page https://community.denodo.com/express/download/, but ITPilot is coming up as disable...

Answers: 1

Denodo Express ITPILOT

Scheduler backup jobs of export.sh script
answered 04-01-2018 14:35:11 -0500

Is it possible to set up a job in the Denodo scheduler tool to run the export.sh script in order to perform routine backup's of the metadata? I saw other questions similar to this, but nothing that distinctfully says 'Yes' or 'No'. I cannot find anythi...

Answers: 2

Denodo Scheduler 6.0 export

Impersonate a Role in Denodo
answered 03-01-2018 16:50:34 -0500

Hi, Being an Admin on a Denodo server ,is there a way I can impersonate a certain role and verify if that Role has all the intended access or not ? thank you !

Answers: 1

Access and Role

Accessing Denodo from Mac OS clients
answered 03-01-2018 10:46:02 -0500

I'm looking for recommendations on the best way to allow Mac Os clients access to Denodo using tools like Excel and Access. What is considered the preferred approach?

Answers: 4

External Client Access Excel For Mac Mac OS

Delegate Cast Function
answered 02-01-2018 17:06:24 -0500

Hi, I am using below sql in denodo to query against DB2. where I see the cast function is not delegated to database. Select cast (settlement_cnt as int8) as sett_cnt from table1 Currently denodo does type converion in "Projection Plan" How do I get ...

Answers: 1

Error loading cache timeout after 900seconds
answered 02-01-2018 12:47:17 -0500

Dear all when executing the cache preload VQL command SELECT * FROM "DV_ITSR.T_COSTING_RESULT_J_BV_EAGLE_MAINDB_PROD_SRZMGE_1" CONTEXT( 'cache_preload' = 'true' , 'cache_invalidate' = 'all_rows' , 'cache_wait_for_load' = 'true' , 'cache_return_quer...

Answers: 2

cache query error timeout

Calling a Custom Stored Procedure from a Custom Stored Procedure
answered 02-01-2018 11:10:58 -0500

I want to know if it is possible to calling an existing custom stored procedure from a new custom stored procedure. I have tried calling a custom function from custom stored procedure and it works well.

Answers: 2

custom Stored Procedure

Special character issue through SSIS.
answered 02-01-2018 10:27:20 -0500

Hi all, we are using DENODO DB as a source and trying to pull data to SQL server using SSIS2014. we are facing special charcters issue. special characters are appearing as junk charcters. PFB DENODO data and SQL server data. <img src="https://drive.goo...

Answers: 4


Query to get internationalization of each view in denodo?
answered 29-12-2017 13:30:48 -0500

How to get internationalization type of each view in denodo using vql. In my scenario, Some has us_est and some has us_pst_pdt, za, ve, uy. I want to change the internationation of each object to us_pst_pdt. How to find objects using vql having interna...

Answers: 1

query to get i18 type

Page By/ Group By email Reports in Denodo Scheduler
answered 29-12-2017 07:24:23 -0500

Hi Team, If the view shows records in below tabular fashion: | Id | Name | Department | | 1 | John | Finance | | 1 | John | Accounts | | 2 | Maria | HR | | 2 | Maria | Facilities | | 3 | David | Legal | Is it possible to send seperate email reports ...

Answers: 1

DENODO Denodo Scheduler 6.0