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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in April 2018.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community

How to view metadata in Restful webservice url after deploying it.
answered 25-10-2016 12:45:18 -0400

I created a RestFul Webservice in Denodo to list the db details of data virtualization project. Can anyone suggest on how to view the metadata of tables through this. Right now it is showing only table and its data but not metadata.

Answers: 2

How to access Denodo through C# application?
answered 25-10-2016 11:37:32 -0400

If I want to connect ,create,access and query Denodo through C# application, how it is possible? Can you share any link for reference.

Answers: 1

How to change fields name of the 2 different tables while creating a join to avoid duplicate error (Name conflicts found )
answered 25-10-2016 10:54:45 -0400

How to remove the duplicate error , if you try to create a join and the out put fields of different talbes are same .. is there any method to change the names in 1 go .. or we need to change all mainually?

Answers: 1

out put duplicates

JVM settings for connecting with Dynatrace
answered 25-10-2016 10:14:18 -0400

Hello, I am using Denodo 6.0 and trying to work with Dynatrace using the document - "Using DynaTrace Application Performance Management with Denodo". In this document under "Denodo Platform Configuration" -> "Virtual DataPort" -> it is stated th...

Answers: 1

JVM settings Dynatrace

Invoke SOAP service
answered 25-10-2016 09:47:42 -0400

Hi, I'm new to Denodo. I had created a SOAP service from view, also a WSDL file created. My question is how can I invoke a SOAP service from front end(HTML/XML web page)? Can you guide me with the steps that I need to do after this? Thanks,

Answers: 2

How to fetch Current Date Records from a table
answered 25-10-2016 07:27:32 -0400

Team, We are using Denodo as Database. I have a table and I should not hard code the current date. I tried using currentdate, sysdate and the SQL is throwing error. Please help me on this! select * from EMP where EMPdate='2016-10-24' Thanks! Kiran

Answers: 1

denodo 6.0 SQL Server

Twitter tweets limiting
answered 25-10-2016 04:02:09 -0400

I am trying to get the tweets from twitter using below query https://api.twitter.com/1.1/search/tweets.json?q=@query&count=@count&since=@from_date&until=@to_date I have flattened the statuses field and created the view. For every api call i...

Answers: 1

REST API search twitter json

Base View from MS SQL Sever Stored Procedure
answered 25-10-2016 03:58:26 -0400

Hello, Im trying to create "proof of concept" with Denodo Express 6.0. I created 2 data sources from 2 different MS SQL Servers, this worked w/o a problem. But when I tried to create a base view from a stored procedure it doesn't work as expected. Whe...

Answers: 1

Using an Import script wrapper in Linux using the VQL and Properties files as parameters
answered 24-10-2016 16:03:30 -0400

I would like to use the Import.sh script in Linux to load my VQL metadata information along with a Properties file that stores certain environment variables. Is there anywhere I can find cope samples using the mport script?For example, the following co...

Answers: 1

import vql importing multiple vqls

Denodo can write back to a DB. Is that correct understanding?
answered 21-10-2016 15:22:24 -0400

Hi Team, We are looking for Dendodo Performace so that we can use this tool in our project. We would like to is Denodo can write back to a DB. If yes the how ?

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