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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in April 2018.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community

Bug in incremental caching
answered 27-01-2017 08:50:36 -0500

Hi, I was using the incremental caching for one of our salesforce views, and every thing worked well. To test i ran a select query on that view and execution trace shown that its pulling records from cache as well as source to get the updated records. ...

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Best Practice - data sources
answered 27-01-2017 08:25:47 -0500

What is best practice when creating data sources? We have a SQL server back-end with multiple databases that we may want to join across. Initially I set up data sources for each database but Denodo didn't recognize that fact that all the data sources p...

Answers: 2

data sources

AWS S3 Integration with Denodo
answered 27-01-2017 03:54:03 -0500

Hi , I knew it is similar to Google drive integration but when i am trying to read data from AWS S3 It fails and error says bucket not found exception. Do you have any document which talks about how to retrieve data from Cloud?.

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Execute test files
answered 27-01-2017 03:48:10 -0500

I have created test through but when i tried to run it with cmd prmpt as mentioned in document. It throws error as "unable to execute 'denodo-test.bat': no java executable founf and/or no JAVA_HOME variable set" But i have verified my Environment varia...

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Denodo Testing Tool

Trying to use generic JDBC, to connect for example crate.io (which is one JDBC product that works vs elastic-search)
answered 27-01-2017 03:41:50 -0500

The connection succeeds, but trying to create any base view yields a weird exception failed to parse ")". I have no idea how to find a more detailed exception. I am also totally aware to the fact that the generic adapter/connector is not tested. Yet, I...

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Set proxy for OAuth 2.0 Credential Wizard
answered 26-01-2017 23:30:44 -0500

Is there a way where we can set proxy settings for OAuth 2.0 Credential Wizard. I am unable to "Obtain the OAuth2.0 credentials" from Token endpoint URL in Wizard. It says "Connection refused".

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Derive container Folder of a data sources or a base view using vql
answered 26-01-2017 12:50:44 -0500

Is it possible to derive container Folder of a data sources or a base views using catalog vqls?

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AFX_ODBC_CALL(::SQLColumns(...)) + Denodo ODBC Driver = Exception
answered 26-01-2017 06:55:10 -0500

We use CRecordset::Open with the parameter CRecordset::snapshot to enumerate the columns in the view/table. This calls the AFX_ODBC_CALL(::SQLColumns(...)). However this throws an exception and -1 is returned as a return code. Is this a bug or is this ...

Answers: 6

timestamp issues
answered 25-01-2017 10:15:08 -0500

Denodo seems to miss some functions to deal with timestamps. Assume I map a data source to base view containing timestamp, and now I need to do joins based on date column from one data source and timestamp column from another. I would also expect that...

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How to import a flat file from Linux server to VDP which is installed on Windows
answered 25-01-2017 05:18:39 -0500

Hi Team, I have Installed Denodo on my Windows Machine and and on Linux Server as well. I could able to connect from VDP to Linux server succefully. I like to know that how to import data sources like ( XML , EXCEL, Postgresql which are on Linux ser...

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