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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in April 2018.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community

Error executing a Custom Function which uses third party jars and native libraries.
answered 07-10-2016 17:29:37 -0400

Hi, We copied the Third party jars and native libraries to <DENODOHOME>/extensions/thirdparty/lib. We even set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH on server startup to where the native library file is. We are getting the below error: 3434075 [Access(731)-42-00...

Answers: 1

VDP Custom Functions

Shared Cache
answered 07-10-2016 02:32:42 -0400

Hi there, Does Denodo support a shared cache data source, from a common cache RDS? We have multiple production nodes and I would like them to all hit the same cache if possible.. IE.. we can just run the schduler on one node to populate the cache each ...

Answers: 1


Web service request testing in denodo6
answered 06-10-2016 20:33:49 -0400

Hi, I am doing web service testing in denodo6. When I execute webservice URL ,the parameter value specified in where condition is appended with double quotes. On denodo 5.5 server, the web service is executed correctly. But on denodo 6 server the sa...

Answers: 1

tomcat Web Service

Getting an error while connecting VDP
answered 06-10-2016 07:30:08 -0400

Hi , I am getting an error while connecting vdp admin tool: error is - "connection error : connection time out: connect" . I tried your solutions suggested in some other questions but could not folllow them also. i used user id and password both as '...

Answers: 3

VDP Admin tool Error

Database connection issue in denodo6
answered 06-10-2016 02:48:38 -0400

Hello, While trying to connect to denodo6 database through vdp-admin tool, we are facing authentication error: Database 'admin' not found even though admin database is present on server. This issue has been recently encountered. Could you please sug...

Answers: 1


POST Json to Denodo REST service
answered 05-10-2016 04:57:06 -0400

Hi, Is it possible to send json as POST operation into a Denodo web service. I need to retrieve rows form datasource according to the i/p data. i/p data will be comma seperated value it can be greater than 256 characters so we wont be able to use GET.

Answers: 1

post Json

How to connect MySql5 to Denodo
answered 03-10-2016 19:31:52 -0400

Hi Expert Team, I am using Denodo Express Tool and I am very new user . I am taking help from Tutorial . I have intsalled My Sql5 on my Machine and created new Schema as Ganesh . In Ganesh , I have created database as 'acm_cm1' and under which I hav...

Answers: 1

SQL Server

Database migration issues in Denodo 6 --invalid identifier in query
answered 03-10-2016 18:42:51 -0400

Hello, We are doing code migration from denodo 5.5 to denodo 6.0. During testing the databases in denodo 6, we are facing below issues. Same queries are running fine in denodo 5.5. Issue1: ORA-00904: "T0"."FUNDCODE": invalid identifier Query execute...

Answers: 3

denodo 6.0

User Defined functions. [3rd Party jars which use Native Library]
answered 03-10-2016 11:57:46 -0400

Hi, We are planning to create a custom function using 3rd party jars, these 3rd party jars use native libraries to compute the result. Our Jar would be: CustomFunctionAdd.jar which would use 3rd party Add.jar which uses Add.dll(windows) or Add.so(Li...

Answers: 2

Custom Functions Virtual DataPort

RESTful Web Services - Kerberos
answered 03-10-2016 07:43:30 -0400

We are new to Denodo 6.0. We currently utilize the built-in Denodo RESTful WS with basic authentication. I know we can configure Kerberos in VDP Admin tool and the JDBC driver, but wanted to see if it extended to the RESTful web services. I can see th...

Answers: 1

restful kerberos