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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in November 2018.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community.

In addition, if you want to enjoy the Denodo experience you can run one of our Test Drives.

SAP Idocs with Denodo
answered 14-08-2019 08:24:51 -0400

hi all, we are connecting Denodo with several SAP systems, receiving master data and transactional data. most of the connections use SAP IDOCs, and as Denodo does not handle IDOCs we have Tibco in the middle as passthrought, converting IDOCs into XML t...

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answered 14-08-2019 03:38:52 -0400

Can Multiple users test different scenarios at the same time from a Apache JMeter hosted at a server?

Answers: 3
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multiple users

ERROR: Deadlock Detected - Does Denodo have any workarounds for error?
answered 14-08-2019 03:26:02 -0400

Hello, When we run views based on Greenplum/Postgresql we receive the ERROR: Deadlock Detected. In some cases we can resolve this issue by rearranging the logic/ordering of our views; however in many cases such an option is not feasible because the log...

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greenplum deadlock

Issue with partially working denodo driver 7.0, pass-through SQL works fine, but accessing meta-data doesn't work
answered 13-08-2019 08:58:48 -0400

We are using the denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar to establish a connection between our BI-tool (Cognos) and DB2/Denodo With Cognos, we are on (LTS Fix Pack 1) We did one earlier install of the JDBC Denodo driver, and this runs fine on one Cognos ...

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non-JRMP server at remote endpoint JDBC Denodo 7.0 Java 1.8 jdbcSQLException

DBeaver, SQLserver. java.sql.SQLException: Invalid mapping to BYTE
answered 13-08-2019 06:17:02 -0400

I'm trying to access data from SQLserver via Denodo (I think version 6), using latest Dbeaver (on Win7). I'm not an adminstrator so have no visibility of Denodo setup etc. nor the database itself. I'm getting warnings when viewing data from views of ...

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BYTE DBeaver SQLserver.

Dynamic where clause
answered 13-08-2019 06:10:01 -0400

Hi Team, We are trying to connect with a DQ framework , where in we execute the DQ batches and would want to show the DQ output through the Denodo Catalog Framework. The results of DQ framework lie in DQ result table for every execution , now how can ...

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How can we display the data of multi queries/views in multiple table formats using REST in VDP?
answered 13-08-2019 02:04:00 -0400

I want to display data in multiple table formats from different quries. Below is the format i needed in browser using REST api. Customer Name Customer Number Gogly 1456 Product Name Product ID HR 10 Payroll 11 But when i use, joins it is giving like ...

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JDBC query VDP Joining of Two Rest API DataSources Data

Denodo Install Requirements and Bootstrapping Section PART 2
asked 12-08-2019 20:38:02 -0400

Dear Denodo Team, thanks a lot for your kind answer to my question of August 10 at 16h21 CET. I have actually a MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 indeed but I am using a VM called Parallels Desktop 14 Pro edition 14.1.3 and Windows 8.1 with it. IS it fine? I a...

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Denodo installation requirements and bootstrapping section
answered 12-08-2019 19:21:53 -0400

hello this is about the Installation of Denodo 7.0 on a Virtual Machine (called Parallels, that is windows 8.1 32bits on a Mac). Being not a developer at all I have some issues to understand all requirements. I have downloaded Denodo7.0 and jdk 8u221 a...

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Issue with Qubole Presto JDBC connection from Denodo
answered 12-08-2019 17:33:29 -0400

HI Team, I am trying to establish JDBC connection from Denodo to Qubole Presto cluster but I am getting below error while establishing the connection. I downloaded and copied the QUbole JDBC driver to $DENODO_HOME/<path> where we usually keep ou...

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Presto JDBC Qubole