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in my training section under the courses there is " access expires in 8 days " does that mean i cant watch the videos of the course after 8 days ?
28-01-2023 08:21:23 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, Good day! Yes, this is very common, when I registered for Denodo Training On-demand course.It also shows for me that the course will expires in X number of days. It means, I am left with X number of days to access the course or watch the On-demand videos. After that we are unable to access the course. I wanted to let you know that students/users have access to the on-demand course for a specific period of time (until the course expires). Also you can refer to [Denodo On-demand Training F.A.Q]( If you have more questions related to training courses then we recommend you to write to us at
Denodo Team
30-01-2023 06:48:21 -0500
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