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Querying Active Directory

Is it possible to check all of the AD Groups that an AD Username belongs to or, inversely, all of the Usernames that are a member of an AD Group using the LDAP Data Source? Scenarios: 1. I need to know the AD Groups of a specific Username. 2. I only have the Last Name and want to get a list of all AD Usernames that are active and their respective AD Groups. 3. I need to know the Usernames that belong to a specific AD Group. Thanks E

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Hi, To get the usernames that are a member of an AD Group based on the condition, then I would perform the below steps, * open LDAP data source and click 'Create base view'. * Select the [desired object classes and attribute]( that I want the new base view to return which is the distinguished name,uid, etc save and execute the view and you will be able to see the distinguished names * After creating the base view, I would create [flatten view]( on top of that base view to get the detailed information about the users. * Then apply specify the condition(s) in the ‘Where conditions’ tab in the above created view to get the data based on the condition. Also, if you are a valid support user and need further assistance for this scenario, you can open a Support case and our Support Team will help you further. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-07-2020 07:45:38 -0400
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