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LDAP Query Question

I am trying to query LDAP/AD to determine the users who have specific roles. 1. I have created a base view that queries users returning CN and DN. 2. I have created a base view that queries groups returning MemberOf and PrincipalName. Each of these queries works individually. Problem - I would like to join these views on DN=MemberOf (this is valid, checked manually) but cannot because MemberOf is an array. 'MemberOf' contains 'MemberOf' as its member, I am not sure if this is contributing to the problem. - When I attempt to flatten the groups view and join it to the users view, there is no data returned (even though there should be). Has anyone done this this way or differently? Any suggestions?
23-12-2014 18:09:09 -0500

1 Answer

Hi Once you flatten the "group" view you should be able to create the join between the two views and the join condition on the member field and the distinguished name field without any problem. I've just tested it on a local LDAP and it's working for me. Did you check the execution trace of the join view? Are you getting the data from the base views and is then getting filtered as part of the join operations? Did you check that you have some matches int the values that you get for the join fields when querying the base views individually?
Denodo Team
26-12-2014 05:24:46 -0500
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