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Finding active no.of connections

Hi Team At a specific time, there is connection timed out from Denodo when application is connecting with it.I would like to find out the no.of active connections between Denodo and third party application e.g Power BI ( not Data source ) at given point of time.It would be helpful for futher investigation. Thanks, Lavanya.R
27-10-2022 11:08:30 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I would run the below predefined **Stored Procedure** in the VQL Shell to find out the number of active connections between Denodo and ODBC applications such as PowerBI. > select * from get_sessions() where access_interface='ODBC' Also, I will make use of "**[Query Monitor](**" option available in "Virtual DataPort Administration Tool > Tools > Query Monitor" which will display all the active connections. Furthermore, to increase the value of connection timeout for ODBC applications, I would increase the value of **"com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.odbc.connection.queryTimeout"** property in '' file to a value (say,'1800000' ms) higher than the default 900000 ms. You could also set it to '0' to disable the query timeout for ODBC queries and to allow the query running indefinitely. You can take a look at [GET_SESSIONS]( section of Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-10-2022 05:13:04 -0400
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