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Derby Cache Exception in Log and no Cache results returning

Created a base view which has custom sql to create it that comes back with two text columns. Both vase view and original database have those columns set as varchar(1024). When executing the base view with cache invalidate it returns rows back. When executing the base view with cache then no rows are returned. First thought was read/write issues on linux server but denodo is running as root so that should not be an issue. Looking in the logs, only the vdp.log has messages. It is listing a log error of: - ERROR 20150720115849164 com.denodo.vdb.cache.jdbc.type.SQLSourceTypeRewriter - Error replacing values in pattern: ParametrizedSQLVO [sql=VARCHAR($SIZE), sqlCodes=[12], decimalGreaterThanSize=null, sqlParameters={$SIZE=SQLParameterVO [name=$SIZE, maxValue=32672]}]. with values info: SQLSourceTypeInfo [sourceTypeCode=12, sourceTypeSize=65535, sourceTypeDecimals=0, sourceTypeRadix=null] com.denodo.vdb.util.tablemanagement.sql.type.SQLSourceTypeException: Maximum size for precision is incompatible, use default type Does anyone have some ideas to help troubleshoot this? Thanks, Eric
20-07-2015 08:19:06 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, This issue seems to be related with the field types in your base view. Could you please remove the additional field type properties from the two columns? To do this, in the VDP Admin Tool, go to the base view, click on "Edit", and click on the "Edit field type properties" button next to the field type. On the dialog that pops up, delete the value in the second box ("Type size"), and click "Ok". Do this for the two columns, and then click on "Ok" to save the changes on the base view. Now, invalidate the cache contents and try again. If you're still having this issue, could you please share the VQL of both your datasource and your base view? (Remember to remove all the information about the URL, user and password from the datasource VQL before posting) Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-07-2015 20:49:03 -0400
Thank you Denodo Team! That fixed my issue. Thanks, Eric
21-07-2015 08:46:26 -0400
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