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Problem searching in PDF - case sensitive

Hello, I am attempting to load a pdf and be able to search for a last name and see if it shows up in the PDF. So far, I am able to ConvertPDFtoHTML and view all of the text in the PDF using ConvertPdfToHtml(PDFBOX_1_X_HTML); . (There are no images or password to this PDF.) On the PDF there is a name "Brad" I am able to find this if I type it exactly as shown "Brad". I am not able to find this name if I type it in all caps "BRAD" or all not caps "brad". I need to be able to search in any type or case sensitivity and find a name. The Start_1_output contains the Init field LastName which is a mandatory string. I have a condition that can tell if the name is in the PDF or not. Here is the condition "Fetch_1_output contains [Start_1_output.FirstName]" Please let me know what I can change to allow this search to find a name in any case regardless of capital or lower case letters. Thank you
07-10-2015 13:23:48 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, You can use the LOWER function described in the "Text Processing Functions" section of the ITPilot Generation Environment Guide, to convert text type values to lower case. If you convert your document and your search string to lower case, your search will be case insensitive. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-10-2015 15:20:53 -0400
The search is now working properly. Thank you
07-10-2015 16:42:07 -0400
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