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Needed ports for promotions both in Denodo Application Server and Solution Manager instances

Hello, we plan to deploy our Denodo services in the future using the Solution Manager, as explained here: We use AWS and we have several AWS Accounts for development, staging, production. We would have a single Solution Manager sitting in a separate AWS Account to manage all the Denodo servers in the rest of the accounts. We would like to know what ports are needed (both in the DSM instance as well as Denodo servers instances) so that the Solution Manager can create revisions and trigger deployments between environments? This page shows ports for the DSM, we assume the important ones are 10090 - 10091 and 19443. Would Denodo need to have ports 9997, 9999 and 9443 open to the DSM too?
26-06-2023 11:11:59 -0400

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Hello, please refer only to v8 installation guide: * [Default Ports Used by the Solution Manager Modules]( * [Default Ports Used by the Denodo Platform Modules]( The ports you listed for Solution Manager are correct: * Solution Manager Server: 10090. * License Manager: 10091. * Web container: 19443 (or 19090 for http). I'm assuming you're using the standard mode (not the automated one). After the installation of SM and VDP servers you will have to perform some configuration in SM. In particular you will create environments, cluster and specify connectivity for each VDP server to be managed with SM (steps here: [Standard Mode]( This configuration also includes the deployment configuration ([Standard Mode Environments Deployments Configuration]( therefore the port you listed (9999, 9997, 9443, etc.) are necessary but only on VDP Server side. Hope this helps
Denodo Team
27-06-2023 05:41:27 -0400
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