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an alternative to UNION of three separate views

I am able to execute 3 different baseviews against our LDAP data. But when I try to union them together I am getting an exception error. exception = LDAP URI = ldaps://<ldap url>:3269/DC=mycompany,DC=com?queryTimeout=200000 As you can see I tried to add a timeout to the paramater to account for this but that is not stopping the error. The error does NOT happen for the 3 separate views all using the same datasoruce. Any suggestions? The error happens after about 400 seconds.
15-03-2021 20:15:37 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The error** ""** can occur due to different reasons such as incorrect LDAP URL, invalid Distinguished Name etc.. If I face this error, I would check the **vdp.log** file under the directory** "<DENODO_HOME>\logs\vdp"** which contains the detailed information of the LDAP error. You can take a look at the **[LDAP authentication best practices](** for detailed information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-03-2021 08:13:45 -0400
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