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Folders not showing in Spotfire

We are connecting denodo to Spotfire using the JDBC driver. For our Data Source Template we have the XML below. Now, we can see all the objects we have authorize to display (mostly Base Views and Interfaces), however, the folders do not show. This is a problem because we have tons of Interfaces and views. They are categorize in Denodo using folders and subfolders; but these folders don't show in Spotfire, only a long list of objects. So, what changes can we make so that the folders show and our interfaces look organize as they are in Denodo. Thanks <jdbc-type-settings> <type-name>Denodo</type-name> <display-name>Denodo</display-name> <driver>com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver</driver> <connection-url-pattern>jdbc:vdb://server:port/database?autoCommit=true</connection-url-pattern> <supports-catalogs>true</supports-catalogs> <supports-schemas>false</supports-schemas> <supports-procedures>true</supports-procedures> <column-alias-pattern>$$name$$</column-alias-pattern> <use-ansii-style-outer-join>true</use-ansii-style-outer-join> <metadata-provider></metadata-provider> <ping-command>SELECT 1</ping-command> <connection-properties> <connection-property> <key></key> <value></value> </connection-property> </connection-properties> </jdbc-type-settings>
07-08-2018 13:15:17 -0400

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Hello, Our Knowledge Base article [Connecting to Denodo from Tibco Spotfire ]( does not mention or show folders, but does say the following: *The complete list of available configuration settings and default values can be consulted in the XML Settings section of the Spotfire manual.* So I took a look at TIBCO's documentation to see what I could find, and do not see anything relating to folders in their [XML settings for data sources]( Now, what I think might help a little bit in this scenario, is to get an indicator if the view is either a base view, a derived view, or an interface view. Denodo has a stored procedure called [get_views()]( that you can use in your query sent to Denodo, so that you can pull that specific information you are looking for. If you have a user with support access, you can always open a support case in the [Denodo Support Site]( so that you can either look for another specific workaround or open an enhancement request so that it can be evaluated by the Denodo team. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-08-2018 18:48:26 -0400
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