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Cache invalid rows.

Hi guys, There is a situation when we created a view which uses two different data sources (db2 as/400 and ms sql server). Also this view has denodo parameter "IN_Role" with three values: - 'DB2' - choose from db2 - 'MSSQL' - choose from ms sql server - 'ALL' - choose from all data sources Sample: "IN_Role" IN ('ALL', 'MSSQL') "IN_Role" IN ('ALL', 'DB2') Cache is enabled for this view partial exact mode. When data is filtered by 'ALL' OR 'MSSQL' paramtere values - data is cached. But when 'DB2' value is used - cache table "vdb_cache_querypattern" is already populated by invalid rows (status field equals 'I'). Data source objects from databases are stored procedures only, Please advice why it happens.
29-11-2017 06:24:36 -0500

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Hi, When I enabled partial exact mode with multiple databases, I was able to get the cache working as expected. It could have happened if you had enabled the partial cache and then changed the mode to 'Full' or 'Off' and reenabled partial cache again. You could also verify if you modified other options under partial cache. In such cases, there will be a warning that says the cache will be invalidated. This will invalidate not only the cache data but also the query patterns. You can refer to the '[Cache modes](' of the Virtual DataPort Administration guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
04-12-2017 00:43:14 -0500
Hi, The issue is that we didn't change the cache mode, we enabled partial mode and got already invalid rows in the cache table. Please advice.
04-12-2017 07:38:13 -0500
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