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Caching not working while joining two tables.

Hi, I have created two tables X, Y and enables the cache. With the current configuration. X, Y caching works individually. But when I do a join query with both tables. The cache is not working. Can some one help me on this. EX: select * from X trace; -- cache works select * from Y trace; -- cache works SELECT att1, count(*) FROM X, Y WHERE X.a = Y.a and att1 > value GROUP BY att1 trace; -- CACHE IS WORKING.
08-05-2017 02:06:05 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The cache mechanism is not working in your join query could be due to any one of the below reasons: - Base views that you use in join query could be from the same data source which automatically delegates the join query to source for a better performance. - Partial cache mode enabled in the base views. When the Partial cache mode is enabled for the views on which you are performing join, the cache only stores some of the records of the views instead of all. Hence, if I want my join query or a view data to be extracted from cache then, I would enable the ‘FULL’ cache mode for the base view which will have all the records in cache to perform the join and show the results even if the base views are from the same data source.. You can refer to ‘CACHE MODES’ section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide to know more. I hope this helps you!!
Denodo Team
09-05-2017 08:00:40 -0400
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