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List of possible or default log categories

How do I determine the list of the possible log categories that can be passed to the logcontroller stored procedure? for example: call logcontroller('com.denodo.vdp.requests','error'); I know of: com.denodo.vdp.requests Regards, Mike
23-03-2017 17:26:29 -0400

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Hi, When I set the level for a category, all the subcategories will use that same level as this is a hierarchical configuration. For example, if you do: ``` CALL LOGCONTROLLER('com.denodo', 'INFO') ``` All the classes under "com.denodo" category will write in the log file using the “INFO” level. Then, categories like "com.denodo.cache" which is a subcategory of "com.denodo" will also log in "INFO" mode. If I had an error and I am not sure about what log category I should enable, I usually change "com.denodo" log category. Then by reading the logs, I can see subcategories displaying the information I am looking for and I can change the log level only for the category that is required to change. I would like to suggest you some log categories to debug specific parts of Virtual DataPort server: * "com.denodo.cache": to get information about cache. * "com.denodo.engine.storedprocedure": To see log messages of stored procedures. * "com.denodo.engine.threads": To show debug information of the pool of threads. * "com.denodo.engine.wrapper.raw.[datasourceType]": To get the data source access information. DatasourceType could be arn, df, gs, html (itpilot), jdbc, json, ldap, my (custom), odbc, ws, or xml. * "com.denodo.engine.swap" : To get information about swap. I would also suggest you to refer the community answer “[How to determine log controller status]( ” to know about changing the level log for a category. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
27-03-2017 07:41:03 -0400
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