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No privilege to create database/users?

Hi, I am trying to create a new database with my user "admin" (default user), and a new user to assign different privileges, but I receive the message "Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects" Bear in mind i have a test licence DTUS-TL-SEA-201328-047-SA-EVAL.lic....
02-06-2020 06:46:11 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I have started the Denodo Platform using Administrator privileges when running in Windows environments. In Linux environments, the user which performs the installation and starts the Denodo Platform and must have write / execute privileges. That error is common when the user starting the Denodo Server doesn’t have enough privileges. Please start the server with a user with enough privileges (e.g. in Windows, use right click in the Denodo Platform icon - “run as administrator”) and try again. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-06-2020 09:26:00 -0400
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