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mac support 64 bir

are you support mac ?
23-10-2014 19:05:22 -0400

2 Answers

No, mac is not officially supported.
Denodo Team
23-10-2014 19:23:51 -0400
Although we only run our tests (and there for are officially supported) on Windows, Linux and Solaris, you should be able to run Denodo on MacOS without issues. Just follow these steps: - Download the Denodo installer without the JRE - Install java 1.6 or 1.7 in your MacOS - Set the JAVA_HOME: export JAVA_HOME=$(/user/libexec/java_home) - Run - Once the installation is complete, start the server with <DENODO>/bin/ - Launch the Admin Tool with <DENODO>/bin/ - You can stop the server with <DENODO>/bin/ Please not that the Denodo Control Center links to launch the apps does not work on MacOS, so you should use the shell scripts to start/stop the Denodo server and launch the Admin tool.
Denodo Team
03-11-2014 13:32:45 -0500
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