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Incorporating the delta changes in migration

Hi Team, 1. We are working on migrating the code from Denodo 7 to Denodo 8. Export and Import of the code is completed in DEV. But right now we are identifying the differences and exporting and importing the changes in Denodo 7 to Denodo 8 manually on day to day basis. But we need to make it fully automated as in UAT we dont have write access at all and everything to be done through scripts. Is there a way to identify the delta changes and export only the code which is modified after the last export and import to Denodo 8? 2. Few sybase data sources, we had to make the driver class path to sybase -other in Denodo 8 to make it work. What is the configuration file to be updated in the server to do this change as we cannot do this manually in VDP UI in higher environments 3. Looks like JDBC drivers and keytab files are not browsable from server in Denodo 8. What is the alternate script that we can use for the same? Thanks!
23-09-2021 03:22:05 -0400

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Hi, Question 1: You can use the Denodo [Predefined stored procedures]( like GET_ELEMENTS, GET_VIEW_COLUMNS, etc. to figure out if there are any difference in elements across Denodo 7 and 8. At the moment, there is no automated method available to export and import only the elements modified. Question 2: To modify the classpath of a few sources, you could use the ALTER DATASOURCE command to manually update the latest driver class path in Denodo 8.0. For more information, take a look at the [JDBC Data Sources]( section of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Question 3: Starting from Denodo Platform 8.0, the approach is slightly different. For using other JDBC driver, you need to import the jar using the [Extension Management]( option of the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool or via VQL and then use it. Also, for the keytab files, now you need to get the keytab file in your local machine and it need to be uploaded to the server which will be placed in an internal location. For more information, take a look at the [Setting-up Kerberos Authentication]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Additionally, if you face any issues and if you are a user with valid support access then you can create a support case in [Denodo Support Site]( so that our support team will assist you further. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-09-2021 07:29:22 -0400
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