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changer le type d'une colonne sur denodo

bonjour, après avoir connecté denodo à une base de données ou un fichier, je voudrais savoir comment l'on modifi le type d'une colonne ( par exemple changé le type objet en type int). merci
03-01-2022 11:48:08 -0500

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Hi, For your scenario, there are two possible ways to change the type of the column. In order to do so, for a **base view**, I will perform the following steps: 1. Edit the base view for which field type has to be changed. 2. Choose the field and change the **Field Type** from the **Edit** tab and save the base view. 3. For example, from the **drop-down** select “int” and from the **Source Type Properties** select the Type as “INTEGER” and choose the Type size as per your requirement. 4. Now, execute the base view to obtain the expected results. Alternatively, you can change the field type in a **derived view** using type conversion functions like CAST. For example, 1. Create a derived view over the corresponding base-view. For example, a selection view can be created by right-clicking on the base view > New > Selection. 2. Use the **cast** function in the Field expression from the “Field Name” and choose the appropriate “Field Type” from the drop-down. ``` cast(<field_name> AS integer) ``` 3. Now, execute the derived view to obtain the expected results. Have a look at the below documentations for more information. * [**Creating Data Sources and Base Views**]( * [**Viewing the Schema of a Base View**]( * [**CAST**]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
04-01-2022 07:28:08 -0500
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