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integrate Azure Active Directory (AD) in On-prem Denodo VDP

We have installed Active directory on Azure, created users, groups etc. Now want to integrate Denodo VDP to this AD for importing users/groups etc. not able to get the proper uri for the service and get it working in Denodo.
11-01-2022 04:49:38 -0500

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Hi, To enable LDAP authentication on my server, first I would create an [LDAP datasource]( The url could be of a format ldap://<server>:<port>/ Where server could be the IP address or server name, and port is by default 389 (or 636 for LDAPs). You can refer to the [How to configure a VDP database with LDAP authentication]( Knowledge Base article for common LDAP url formats. Next I would [configure my server]( to use that LDAP datasource for authentication, and [import roles]( from the LDAP server. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-01-2022 17:55:45 -0500
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