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Best Practices for initial set up/organization of the Server Explorer folders

Hello, my colleague and I are relatively new to Denodo and currently we are putting together a set of best practices and trying to determine the best way to organize folders in Server Explorer. I am reaching out to see if Denodo has any best practices/suggestions on what the best way to organize folders is. Below is an example of what we are looking to determine. Currently we have 3 projects, Project 1 - Call Center Reporting, Project 2 - Care Management, and Project 3 - Member Information. Within each folder we created 2 subfolders, one for Derived Views and another for Interface Views. What we are struggling with is how to best organize the data sources for each project, especially since the 3 projects use many of the same relational database tables along with other Salesforce. We are wondering if it is best to set up a 4th folder for all of the data sources and then within the folder break it down to another layer of 1 for from the relational database and one for salesforce..and then within each of those folders listed will be the tables...we were also wondering if a better approach would be to still create a 4th folder but instead of having 1 folder for the relational databases we would instead of multiple to break it down by the different servers the tables can be found SQL Server, POSTGRE, Sysbase. The last option we were thinking of doing it creating a seperate datasource folder within each project, the issue there is that there could be alot of duplication of tables as one data source could be used by different projects. Sorry for the long description, if there is anything I can do to make it easier to understand please advise. If you have any suggestions one what set up works best or if Denodo has any other suggestions we would love to hear them. Thank you
20-07-2018 07:45:10 -0400

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Hi, You can read details about our recommended naming conventions and project structure [here]( As stated in the document, for 7.0 we recommend creating different databases (under database management) for different projects, with a separate database for common elements (since 7.0 is now able to explicitly refer to other databases to pull these common elements). This is most likely your best option. However, it sounds like you’re using something similar to the recommended project architecture for 6.0 or older. If additional databases are for some reason not an option, I would recommend organizing the folders, again as described in the document, with root folders containing common elements and data services, then folders for each project with subfolders as described. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-07-2018 20:02:05 -0400
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