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finding a view in migration

we are migrating a view from development to test . How can we find a revision that is created by someone else in solution manager ?
22-12-2022 01:24:20 -0500

1 Answer

Hi In order to determine which users created revisions in the Solution Manager Administration Tool, I would use the below methods. 1. **By using Graphical User Interface:** * In the Solution Manager Administration Tool, I could login as administrator or the user who has the promotion admin role and navigate to the **‘Promotions’>’Revisions’** ,In the Revisions tab I could see the user's name who created the particular revisions under the **‘Created by’** column. You could also see the user’s name who lastly modified the revision by looking into the **‘Last Modified By’** column. 2. **By using REST API:** * By using the below API I could see all the users who created the revisions in the field **‘creationUser**’. >**http://localhost:10090/revisions** For more information you could refer to the [Get the list of Revisions]( section under Solution Manager Administration Guide. Hope it helps!
Denodo Team
23-12-2022 02:53:13 -0500
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