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Direct Query in Power BI Dashboard is not working

Hi and thank you for read this. I did a connection between a view in the Denodo Data Catalog and Power BI Desktop data set through a gateway selecting the Direct Query import option. Then I upload my data set and dashboard to the Power BI Service. I stablished the gateway and the data set can be refreshed with no problem, but when I open de Dashboard the table that contains fields from the Denodo Table cant be shown. ¿Could you help me or guide me to fix this problem please? Thank you.
15-04-2021 11:10:28 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to connect to Denodo from Power BI through Direct Query and able to see the views and their respective field by expanding the **Field** option by performing following steps: * In Power BI, navigate to Get Data > others > Denodo. * Provide the DSN name and select Data connectivity mode as “Direct Query”. After establishing the connection, you could see the Virtual DataPort views listed. In **Field** option, you can see the fields of the selected view. For configuring an ODBC connection to Denodo, you can take a look at the [DSN configuration for ODBC connections to VDP]( Knowledge Base Article. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-04-2021 07:24:51 -0400
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