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Download Denodo templates for google analytics

Hi, we are trying to connect Google Analytics to Denodo via OAuth2.0, but cant find where to download the templates called google_analytics_administration_templates_denodo.vql and google_analytics_report_templates_denodo.vql Reference: We have also found a question asking the same: It says here that it can be downloaded from the support site, but when i search on there (as a legitimate support user) i cant find the files, only the guide. Many thanks, Sammir
09-02-2023 08:20:15 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, On the Support Site, go to Downloads > DenodoConnects, scroll down to the Denodo Templates for Google Analytics, download the file, and unzip the file. The files you want are in the ‘scripts’ folder: ….\Denodo Templates for Google Analytics\denodo-templates-for-google-analytics-8.0-20201002\scripts\google_analytics_report_templates_denodo.vql" ….\Denodo Templates for Google Analytics\denodo-templates-for-google-analytics-8.0-20201002\scripts\google_analytics_administration_templates_denodo.vql" Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-02-2023 14:53:42 -0500
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