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Synchronization problem between Denodo nodes in Denodo cluster architecture.

We are using cluster architecture with multiple nodes of Denodo 5.5(Version Update 20161024) with common cache database in our production environment. **Problem statement:** In cluster architecture, when user connects Denodo and suppose load balancer redirect it to node 1. In that session, if user has created materialized, view is created and Meta information of materialized view is only present with node1. After some times if user reconnects to Denodo and suppose load balancer redirect it to node 2, when it tries to access that materialized view, denodo node2 will throw an error as meta information of materialized view created in node 1 is not present in node 2. Is there any way we can automate sync of Meta information in between all the slave nodes?
30-11-2016 09:09:11 -0500

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Hi, I make use of the export and import scripts available in Denodo to perform periodic backup and deploy the metadata to a list of slave servers from the below path, <DENODO_HOME>\tools\db\\denodo-db-tools\bin\ By using the export script you will be able to export the metadata as an output VQL file or in a repository. Finally using the import script you can import the VQL to the target server to keep the modifications performed in sync between the nodes in clustered architecture. I would like you to read the section "USING THE IMPORT/EXPORT SCRIPTS FOR BACKUP AND/OR REPLICATION" in Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Alternatively you can also use the Denodo Dashboard which will help you to graphically syncronize the metadata between the nodes. Have a look at the knowledge base article on this [Metadata replication in Cluster Architecture]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-12-2016 06:01:14 -0500
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