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unable to connect to the multidimensional server

We connected to THE DW of SAP according to this document, but encountered some problems. Please kindly check the document we are using first ,we installed the SAP Java Connector. upload the files:sapjco3.jar , second,Grant full Privileges in SAP BW for Multidimensional Data Sources. next step, we configure the connection。Select the database adapter option is:SAP BW3.x(BAPI) But encounter the error :“Unable to connectt to the multidimensinal server:insufficient resources to execute operation” ,when we create the base view.
11-08-2021 21:00:39 -0400

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Hi, The error "*unable to connect to multidimensional server. insufficient resources to execute operation*" is typically shown if the SAP JCo connector was not installed correctly. Therefore, I would ensure to restart the Virtual DataPort server after installing the respective SAP Jco connectors in Virtual DataPort Administration tool, to be able to create the base view from SAP data source successfully. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-08-2021 06:24:45 -0400
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