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The data source does not support 'cache_invalidate'='matching_pk'.

I have a data source that is doing a series of calls to an API to pull in a full data (the first time) that takes almost 6 hours. I successfully cached that data into a view -- but now want to only update records everyday that have a "last updated date" for the last 3 days --- I can run a parameter on that API that allows me to only recieve records that were lasted updated in the range. I wanted to use the employee ID field (which is the PK) as the refefence for invaldating the current rows in the case: 'cache_invalidate'='matching_pk' **However, the scheduler is giving me this error: ** The data source does not support 'cache_invalidate'='matching_pk'. I have it set to full cache --- but the error is not providing any more details as to WHY. any suggestions. we are on VDP 8.0 I also noticed that the incremental cache option says its deprecated so I assume there is a way to do this with the normal cache function.
01-10-2021 06:31:15 -0400

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I also tried to use the out of the box incremental option based on the last update field in the base view ----- the cache was already run once succesfully but it is still giving me this error when I try to run the incremental run. select * from hcc_dv.bv_apigee_datahub_globahr_source where last_update_dt > '@LAST_REFRESH_DATE' CONTEXT('cache_preload'='true', 'cache_wait_for_load'='true', 'cache_return_query_results'='false', 'cache_invalidate'='matching_pk', 'cache_atomic_operation'='true') TRACE:** Error executing sentence: Unknown last refresh date of the view** 'bv_apigee_datahub_globahr_source'. Why would it not know the last refresh date if it has a last execution date?
01-10-2021 08:18:06 -0400
Hi, I tried with a timestamp field having the last updated information and it worked for me. I believe that the error can be resolved when the base view contains one or more columns which indicates when the specified row was last inserted/updated. I found some information here which might be relevant to this topic - [Incremental mode for full caching](, in particular the section ‘***Requirements a View Has to Meet to Support Incremental Queries***’ should be most useful. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
04-10-2021 23:16:00 -0400
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