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DNS entry like

Hi Team, catalog is listening to port 9090 which is not that user-friendly. Is it possible to create a DNS entry like where you can access the data catalog Please let me know how to do that.
21-02-2020 07:17:43 -0500

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Hi, Yeah, it is possible to create a DNS entry where you can access the Data catalog. I would follow one of the below-mentioned steps: * In the control center, under the ‘*Configure*’ tab, the default (listening) HTTP port number can be changed to 80 so that the DNS would by default point to the server’s HTTP port i.e. 80. * By setting up the server for port 80(DNS) to be a reverse proxy for the data-catalog server. When it receives a request for the data-catalog, it would relay the request to the server running on port 9090, and relay the server's response back to the client. You may also refer to [Embedded Web Container]( section of the Denodo Platform Installation Guide and [Configuration of web container port numbers]( document for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-02-2020 04:52:06 -0500
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