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t.replaceAll is not a function. I'm getting this error when trying to open a datasource in design studio

Denodo Version 8. When trying to open a datasource that I imported from 7 to 8. I get the error t.replaceAll is not a function. I can run a VQL statement and it returns a result but not able to open a definition.
17-01-2022 15:01:44 -0500

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Hi, In general, the Web tools of **Denodo Platform 8.0** like Web Design Studio, Data Catalog, Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool are supported only through [**Specific Browsers (Latest three major versions)**]( Having said that, I believe the issue you are facing may be due to a **lesser version** of the supported browser installed in your environment, or if the Web tools are accessed via a browser that is not mentioned in the above documentation. In order to resolve this issue, I will **upgrade** the browser version which is officially supported and then, access the data source in Web Design Studio. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-01-2022 04:14:05 -0500
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